Our Hybrid Combo of Face-to-Face & Virtual Event Services


Best at Both Worlds.

A dollop of face-to-face events, a pinch of virtual training. Like any memorable recipe, you've got to have just the right amount of each ingredient to make the perfect balance. Let us cook something up for you.

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Gathering is a must. Training required. Assessments have to be recorded.

Sometimes you can’t get away with just one type of event.

That’s where we shine.

We have the breadth of knowledge to craft any experience regardless of requirements.

We’ll help you select the perfect elements of both face-to-face and virtual events.

In other words, you tell us what you need.

And we’ll make it happen.

Hybrid Event Types

The Perfect Event For Your Message

Over the past few years, Miller Tanner Associates has broken the mold when it comes to planning hybrid events. We are dedicated to design a highly-tailored experience for every client to fit their needs perfectly. We’re not in the business of cranking out one-size-fits-all solutions because we know that the biggest event successes happen when our clients’ voices can be heard. When you partner with Miller Tanner Associates for your customized hybrid event, the result will be an impeccably executed event that suits your need for perfection.


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More Than Hybrid Events

At Miller Tanner Associates, we give you the ability to shake things up and host something extraordinary. What if you had the ability to pick and choose the elements that best served your specific goals and needs, shaping a one-of-a-kind event that was uniquely suited to your purpose? With hybrid events by Miller Tanner Associates, you’ll have the power to stop asking, “What if?” and start wondering, “Why not?”

One of our core beliefs is that for every problem, there is a smart, effective solution – not just the end result, but an actual plan of action. When we realized that so many of our clients’ ideal events fell in the middle ground between virtual and face-to-face, our team started to build customized products and services that captured the best of both.

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You Dream It, We Do It

When you partner with Miller Tanner Associates, you don’t have to settle for an event that’s just “good enough.” We will work with you to pinpoint your specific goals and purpose, then develop a plan that will deliver results that exceed your expectations. Whether you’re trying to inspire, educate, inform, or celebrate, you can rest assured that MTA will get you there.

Our experienced team is comprised of creatives, innovators, problem-solvers and tech-savvy industry leaders, making us more than ready to tackle even the most formidable of challenges.

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Event Expertise

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A Smarter Way to Gather

Ultimately, the purpose of most events is to establish a productive connection that allows you to achieve your objectives – so why not maximize your opportunities for success?

MTA’s hybrid event services feature a diverse assortment of tools and resources to make the most of every event. You can capture and analyze data, ensure security, and design a highly responsive event experience that incorporates both virtual and in-person elements.

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What you need for your meeting, when you need it. All with your goals in mind.

virtually flawless.

Bringing people together, even when they can’t be.

Let's Talk And Talk.

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The Miller Tanner Associates team is here to chat about anything from our professional background to exactly what type of event might suit your current need. Whatever details you need, we are ready to discuss exactly what we can do for your upcoming event. Contact us today to learn more about how hybrid events could be a game-changer for your organization.