Calculating Your Event Costs With MTA

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Sometimes you just want the answer; you want a shortcut; you want to get straight to the point.  Sometimes you need to go from A to Z quickly, without a bunch of chatter in between.

At Miller Tanner Associates we work very hard to make your life easier.  We try to anticipate your needs before you are even able to articulate them!

We are introducing one of our newest ideas that’s in the pipeline. It’s a pricing tool that gives you a “ballpark” on costs for your event needs.  Currently, this tool is so new, we haven’t even had a chance to name it.  Internally, we call it the “Event Calculator”.

Using An Event Calculator

Here’s how it works. You answer a series of questions. Based on your responses, two types of event recommendations are provided and the estimated costs are then calculated for the primary preferred option. It’s that simple! This tool is being beta tested by a couple of our valued partners and the feedback is promising.

In the future, we hope this tool will be available on our website where you can input basic parameters, get a ballpark cost for your recommended event, and use that data, for example, when you need to fill out a budget for your boss.

Someday soon, perhaps, you will be able to use this tool to help you and your team get an idea of what your big dream event budget might be.  In the meantime, please call or click to contact us and we will be happy to provide cost estimates for your projected event needs!