Once you complete all required fields of the online registration page, you will be asked to click “SUBMIT” at the bottom of the page. After clicking “SUBMIT,” a screen should appear thanking you for registering. If you do not receive this screen, please contact your MTA Global Event Director, whose information may be found in the meeting invitation you received.

Attendees with finalized reservations should begin receiving your final Meeting Confirmation Notice via email approximately 10 days prior to the meeting. Registration and travel booking deviations may delay receipt of your Confirmation Notice.

Your personalized Confirmation Notice details all of your final reservations for the meeting, including hotel, travel and ground transportation, as well as important meeting information such as name badge, meeting contacts and tentative schedule of events.

In most cases, attendees are asked to arrange your own transportation between your home (or office) and the airport. The cost of taxi or airport parking is an approved reimbursable expense with an itemized receipt. Please contact your MTA Global Event Director if you have any questions regarding transportation in your home city.

Either option is available to local attendees. If you plan to drive to the meeting, please indicate this when completing your registration online. Parking at the meeting hotel will be arranged on your behalf and expenses such as mileage and tolls may be submitted for reimbursement after the meeting. If you take a taxi or utilize public transportation, please make sure to request itemized receipts so you may submit these approved expenses for reimbursement.

Please contact your MTA Global Event Director to discuss your request. Please note, we may not always be able to accommodate guests in the ground transportation vehicles.

Information on where to meet your transportation to the hotel will be included in the Confirmation Notice you will receive via email prior to the meeting.

Please contact your MTA Global Event Director to discuss your request. In most cases, if you are renting a car due to preference, the rental car fee and any additional charges such as insurance would be a considered a non-reimbursable expense.

The Meeting Sponsor requires hotel accommodations for meeting attendees to be booked through MTA. Please contact your MTA Global Event Director if you have any questions regarding this.

Please indicate this when completing your registration online and the MTA Global Event Team will be sure to relay your request to the hotel. However, please be advised that early check-in and late check-out requests are not guaranteed because they are controlled by the hotel and granted based on availability.

Please contact your MTA Global Event Director to discuss your request. Double/triple occupancy fees (if applicable) will be charged to your personal credit card.

Your hotel guest room reservation will be made by MTA as part of a pre-negotiated group booking, therefore, individual confirmation numbers are not provided to meeting attendees. You will instead receive a personalized Confirmation Notice via email prior to the meeting that includes details of the hotel reservation made on your behalf. Any changes should be made through the MTA Global Event Team.

The reimbursement amount indicated on the Expense Reimbursement Form is a guideline implemented by the Meeting Sponsor. Reasonable meeting-related expenses that exceed this amount will most likely be approved if submitted correctly with itemized receipts. However, reimbursement requests requiring additional follow-up due to missing/unclear information may delay your reimbursement.

Unless otherwise noted, the meeting will handle payment of gratuities for the hotel staff (i.e. bellman and housekeepers) and drivers on your behalf. If you wish to provide additional gratuities beyond what the meeting is paying, this would be at your own expense and is therefore not reimbursable.

Absolutely. Please retain all itemized receipts for any expenses you will be submitting for reimbursement. Recommended costs for meals purchased in the meeting city are: 15 USD for breakfast, 35 USD for lunch, and 50 USD for dinner (inclusive of taxes, gratuities and transportation).

Finance Department will endeavor to provide reimbursement in your preferred currency.

Due to strict hospitality and compliance regulations, MTA’s Finance Department is unable to provide cash reimbursements. In most cases, attendees will receive expense reimbursements via wire transfer after the meeting.

Please refer to the table below for examples of reimbursable and non-reimbursable expenses. These are provided as examples ONLY, and should not be considered all-inclusive lists:

Examples of REIMBURSABLE Expenses Examples of NON-REIMBURSABLE Expenses
Airport or train station parking Gratuities for drivers and hotel staff
Taxi fare Travel expenses for spouse/guest
Mileage Laundry service
Toll fare Excess luggage fees
Meals while traveling (recommended costs: 15 USD for breakfast/35 USD for lunch/50 USD for dinner) Foreign ATM fees
Meals and expenses incurred in meeting city due to flight/train availability (recommended costs: 15 USD for breakfast/35 USD for lunch/50 USD for dinner) Mobile phone roaming fees
Only one (1) alcoholic beverage per meal Traffic/parking tickets
Personal entertainment (i.e. books, magazines, newspapers, movies, videos, etc.)
Meals on meeting days if meal functions provided, unless travel-related reason or pre-approved by Meeting Sponsor/MTA Global Event Director

In most cases, corporate attendees should seek reimbursement for meeting-related expenses through your usual company reimbursement process.

Please indicate this when completing your registration online. MTA’s travel partner may be able to assist with making travel reservations for your guest, however, you will be responsible for all associated costs, including any agency transaction fees.

Please register for the meeting as soon as possible and the MTA Global Event Team will contact you regarding the travel visa process.

Please contact your MTA Global Event Director prior to making plans to drive to the meeting. Mileage reimbursement is subject to Meeting Sponsor guidelines and approval.

The Meeting Sponsor requires travel arrangements for site attendees to be booked through MTA. Please contact your MTA Global Event Director if you have any questions regarding this.

Please indicate this when completing your registration online. The MTA Global Event Team will relay your reservation details to the hotel on your behalf. You do not need to contact the hotel separately. Please note, any additional nights for personal reasons will be charged to your personal credit card.

Miller Tanner is a global event planning company which manages logistics for our client meetings around the world. From the invitation to the online meeting registration to the guest’s attendance and on-site staff support, Miller Tanner ensures it’s a straight-forward process to get our clients’ attendees to and from the meeting without incident, while ensuring a positive, memorable, educational training experience for each guest.

  1. Face-to-Face Meeting
  2. Virtual Meeting
  3. Hybrid Meeting (Combination of Face-to-Face and Virtual)
  4. VALTs – eLearning platform
  5. Audio-Visual Production Services
  6. Mobile Studio Capabilities
  7. Logistics Planning
  8. Program Management
  9. Professional Slide Development
  10. Compliance-Focused Transparency Reporting for Healthcare Providers
  11. Meeting Attendee Reporting and Tracking
  12. Data Security in the Cloud
  13. Venue and Meeting Space Sourcing
  14. Hotel Contract Management
  15. Third-Party Vendor Negotiation and Oversight
  16. Collateral Material Development
  17. Attendee Reimbursements
  18. Final Electronic Billing Binder Reconciliation

Miller Tanner was established May 1st, 1997. As a certified woman-owned small business, we have employees on five continents presently. We have expanded our business to fit our clients global event needs. Regional growth has followed our clients demand for meetings in different parts of the world like Latin America and Asia-Pacific. Averaging 120+ events per year across six continents, we are fully staffed to support events in the range of 10 to 1000 attendees per meeting.

Miller Tanner is staffed with experienced global event professionals who plan meetings for the pharma industry as well as other industries. Face-to-face events provide a powerful opportunity to interact and engage directly with an audience – we manage the details, so our clients can focus on their guests. Miller Tanner tackles the complexities of global event logistics to ensure the attendees have a seamless event experience from invitation to implementation.
With over 70 employees across the globe, Miller Tanner’s approach is to assign a regional team to go on-site to flawlessly execute client meetings. This offers cost advantages to our clients’ bottom line while also ensuring we have the language requirements covered in the room to ease communications for the global participants. Having trained contractors on site with us is a winning combination given their local knowledge and fluent language capabilities.

Miller Tanner has seen an increase in our virtual meeting business over the past few years as a result of decreasing budget spend for face-to-face meetings. This technology offers a cost advantage to our clients’ attendees because they don’t have to travel and can take the training at their convenience. However educational training is still vital to our clients and thus being able to offer choices when it comes to meeting types is important we believe.
Miller Tanner has a proprietary eLearning tool we named VALTs. This technology was developed to support 21 CFR Part 11 requirements for e-signature and electronic records with associated audit trails. This is an important differentiator for our pharmaceutical clients specifically. Through our robust Client Dashboard, clients can monitor training completions, produce electronic training records for their files, as well as review and grant access requests with confidence of system security.

Historically, Miller Tanner has worked within the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry including biotech companies. In addition, we have worked extensively with numerous clinical research organizations that support research and development as well as commercial/marketing program opportunities. Recognizing the hospitality guidelines, country codes of conduct and specific regulations our clients’ attendees must stay within, we understand the importance of compliance and accurate reporting requirements.
We believe our event planning services are transferable to other industries and will work in other arenas and thus have expanded our client base as a result. Recently we have worked within the food and beverage industry, financial investment arena and have just established a franchisee storage facility client. Experiencing excellence through meeting planning and execution is the ultimate goal for a meeting’s success. Training and education is therefore the end result of any well-planned event.

Our media and production team deliver a technically-savvy and flawless technical meeting. Miller Tanner’s experience has shown that having our professional Audio-Visual (AV) team in the room can make a marked difference on the overall outcome of the meeting. These skilled professionals understand the challenges potentially faced in the room for presenters and the audience during presentations and strive to ensure a perfect showcase of our AV talents including lighting, sound, and video capabilities.

Being fiscally-responsible is an important part of our strategy in how we spend our clients’ budgets; Miller Tanner ensures we are working to drive cost savings to our clients’ meetings from the start of the contract negotiation with the desired venue. We further negotiate, on our client’s behalf, throughout the life of the project’s planning.  Through effective negotiations, continued cost avoidance measures, third-party vendor discount sharing and ongoing cost savings discussions, etc. we saved our combined clients over $1M.  Our budget template is straight-forward and transparent from the start of the dialogue through the final electronic billing binder reconciliation 60 days post-meeting.

Miller Tanner fundamentally believes that advanced planning yields positive impact which means more people in the actual meeting room seats – our clients’ ultimate success factor. Our ideal timeline between a meeting invitation launch to the actual meeting date is 16 weeks. Our average is typically 8-12 weeks which condenses the meeting planning activities into fewer weeks and gives the invitees less time to adjust their personal calendars, or plan in advance to be absent from their clinics or offices. Our VALTs eLearning system can help with these absences when used in conjunction with our face-to-face meetings. We believe when used together, we can help our clients get 100% attendance ratio in their meetings by recording the live event for consistent training of those unable to attend in person, or when corporate team members change, or site staff attrition happens later. By having the original training documented, it allows the new staff to get the same training for consistency. Plus, it provides an audit trail for your future training reporting and compliance needs.

The Miller Tanner differentiators are our team members who provide unparalleled customer service. We apply an innovative approach to complete meeting and event planning management that exceeds our clients’ expectations. Each new meeting is customized to our client’s preferences, hospitality guidelines and overall goals for success. Open communication and transparency are key parts of Miller Tanner’s partnership approach. Offering our proven experience and giving solutions to consider during the planning phase helps us to better guide our clients to make the right choices for their meeting.
We understand the work it takes to plan an event from start to finish. Our goal is to take the burden off our clients’ shoulders by delivering an exceptional event experience that brilliantly showcases their messaging and allows clear delivery of their training content while focusing full attention on the attendees learning and retention of the materials.