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Message from Laura Noel, Director,
Strategic Development

Once I heard a brigadier general give an address to a group and what she said that day was: “Be seen, be brief, be heard, be gone.” And secondly, “I am going to describe what I am going to tell you and I am going to tell you again and I will close with what I’ve already told you so I can be sure you ‘got it’.”

This address was before the advent of our modern technology. Today, if that general were speaking, depending on the topic, we might capture what was said for posterity’s sake so that we could repeat her recorded message. However, how would we know you as the audience “got it”?

That’s a driving question in any training. Is the audience hearing what’s being said? Are they getting the key points? How do I know my message is getting across?

Well, at Miller Tanner Associates we can help answer those questions!

With Miller Tanner Associates as your event logistics team, we use technology that enables you to interact with your audience live and in real time, tailoring your message to make sure your audience is “getting it”.

Also, we have created the Virtual Assessment Learning and Training Source, VALTs, to help with making your repeatable message reusable and with the ability to test the viewers to make sure that you’ve gotten your point across. We can capture your message live, at your office, virtually and repurpose it so your key points are repeatable via a secure link.

My hope is that as you are reading this, you realize Miller Tanner Associates is more than “just a meeting planner”; we are your partners making certain that your audience is understanding your message loud and clear.


Laura Noel, Director, Strategic Development

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