Making the Connection: Real-Time Access to Your Event Data

Our EPIC software offers real-time event data

Real-Time Access to Your Event Data

Jennifer Sweeney, Controller, Miller Tanner
Jennifer Sweeney, Controller

We live in an information age that is founded in many ways on our multiple email exchanges occurring throughout every day. Though the exchange of information by email has revolutionized so many aspects of business conduct, Miller Tanner Associates is looking ahead to develop even better means and methods for exchanging information. One of these ways has resulted in some exciting changes within our Finance Team.

In 2018, the Finance Team set out to select a new financial accounting system which could provide a foundation on which to build a stronger resource for sharing this information with our clients. We’ve made a lot of progress and now those foundational bricks are in place.

So how does a change in our financial system create a significant impact on the event process and with our clients? One of the main goals in making this transition was to facilitate a better connection between our finance system and our Event Planner system, allowing clients real-time access to event data in a user-friendly format. As the Event Planner (EP) matures into full usage in 2019, we will begin to provide a more efficient, secure approach in which our clients can access their key financial data reports. We look forward to sharing this innovation with you in the coming year.

Kind Regards,

Jennifer Sweeney, Controller