Our On-Demand Trainer/Learning Management System Just Got Smarter

We’ve pushed our on-demand training product to a new level and it’s now smarter than ever! Miller Tanner Associates has just released the latest version of our proprietary On-Demand Trainer/Learning Management System and we can’t wait to share its capabilities with you.

We’ve completely redesigned our system and added new features for a more intuitive user experience. We’ve included all the bells and whistles to make our system easy to use with full training functionality within a mobile browser.

Training has never been easier to deploy! Maybe you need to conduct pre-event training to bring teams up to speed? Do you need post-event training to support consistent, continual training for new team members or a refresher for your global teams? Perhaps you have critical training updates that need to be dispersed immediately? Our ODT/LMS has it covered in one simple, easy-to-use platform.

And it doesn’t stop there. Our system is secure, intuitive, and a very powerful way to repurpose training for online learning with robust reporting that tracks attendee progress in real time. Miller Tanner’s ODT/LMS is a convenient and affordable online solution that gives you and your team anywhere, anytime access to valuable training content and reporting capabilities.

Experience for yourself how on-demand training can significantly impact your company’s training goals. Training has never been so easy and affordable! Discover how you can train your teams across the globe more easily with Miller Tanner’s On-Demand Trainer/Learning Management System.

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