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At Miller Tanner Associates, we value the privacy and confidentiality of your data; therefore, we are providing a way for you to communicate with us that ensures your data remains secure. To access the Miller Tanner Associates’ Secure Message Portal login with the credentials you received by email invitation.

Why Send Us a Secure Email?

Email is an insecure method of communication. Sending an email is like sending a postcard in the mail. As your email travels the Internet to the recipient(s), your email could be potentially viewed by prying eyes. Email encryption provides the “envelope” around your email, so your email can only be viewed by the intended recipient. We have provided the “envelope” for you by utilizing Miller Tanner’s Secure Messaging Portal to send your sensitive information, such as account numbers, credit card numbers, social security numbers, etc.

How do you Retrieve a Secure Email?

If this is the first time you have accessed MTA’s Secure Message Portal, you’ll receive a separate email with the log in details required to access the Secure Message Portal. This includes the email address to use, and a temporary one-time password. This password must be changed upon initial login and will become your password whenever you access the Secure Message Portal in the future.

It is very important you bookmark the link in your email invitation as it is unique to your personal MTA Secure Message Portal.
For a more detailed instruction guide to the Miller Tanner Associates’ Secure Message Portal click here.

How do you Request an Invitation to the Portal?

To receive your personalized website and credentials, click here to complete the Invite Me form and click submit. Please allow 24 hours for your credentials to arrive.

Login Issues?

If you are experiencing login issues, please click here for a step by step guide to Miller Tanner Associates’ Secure Message Portal.

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Still having issues? Click here to contact technical support.