Our Annual Training to Test Event Industry Trends

Miller Tanner Associates is looking forward to celebrating our 20th Anniversary, face to face, as a team this month.  Gathering together is an event we invest in annually which we started in 1998. Back then, it was to recognize one year of being in business. Now we are celebrating our 20th work anniversary milestone. Our celebration will include refining our corporate event planning skills as well as working on our company goal of connectedness.

MTA tested the latest meeting technology
Testing event ideas at our last year’s annual training workshop.

There are always tangibles and intangibles that make our team stronger and well worth the investment of bringing our team together. Annually we use this time to test out our new event ideas, experience new technology and gain insight into event industry trends. We don’t test things out on you, our clients, first; we use our team as test cases!

This year, we will be testing drone capabilities so that when we are bringing our creative ideas to your corporate events we can provide first-hand experiences on what worked and what might need to be rethought.  Videos?  Stills?  Both?  Capabilities to fly under a car?  These experiences are a way to identify and test new types of resources in the form of not only machines and their capabilities, but other service companies as well.  It also gives us new insights into cost-saving measures for our clients.

July is a good month to start planning your corporate events and building your messaging for 2018.  Miller Tanner Associates can weave your message into the location, the venue, as well as the audio options.


Marnie Miller Battistini
Miller Tanner CEO

Marnie Miller Battistini