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Message from Marnie

Hello 2019!
MTA has created a strong foundation and invested heavily into secure tools that capture event data to provide a more comprehensive, detailed snapshot of your event.
Data is more capable than ever to show us beyond simply calculating how many attendees are traveling to and from your event. It goes deeper to capture what’s happening inside the meeting room from defining knowledge gaps to identifying global trends for your specific audience.
Some of the features that our powerful tools offer:
•   Single Sign-On (SSO) enables one password to access all your data
•   Electronic, aggregated data accessible 24/7 securely in mobile formats
•   Customizable, real-time reports with tracking capabilities
•   Ability to identify trends among your audiences
•   Instant access to changes occurring within your event
•   Measure ROI more effectively
As we move into 2019, we look forward to discussing how your data can impact the efficacy and success of your events this year and how MTA’s tools can deliver a better return on your event investments.

Kind regards,

Marnie Miller Battistini, CEO

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