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Our Team

What Does It Mean to be a Miller Tanner Team Member?

It means approaching every situation in a polished, professional and positive manner. It means making impossible things happen without breaking a sweat. It means having a “get it done” attitude—and ensuring it’s always done flawlessly. It means exceeding your expectations at every turn. Let us introduce you to the talented Miller Tanner team members who will make your next corporate event a brilliant success.

Meet Our Team

Miller Tanner uses the Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI) to understand the unique skills, communication styles and leadership abilities of each team member, so we can work together in the most effective fashion and serve our clients in the best way possible. These strengths are represented by the following signature colors:

  • Task accomplishment, resource organization, results.
  • Flexibility, group welfare, team thinking.
  • Well-thought-out approaches, order, individualism.
  • Protection, growth, the welfare of others.
  • Affirming and developing self-sufficiency in others.
  • Intelligent assertiveness, leadership, fairness.
  • Protection and growth of others through task accomplishment.

Learn more about our accomplished team members and view their signature colors and corresponding strengths.


Signature Strengths Input, Achiever, Arranger, Intellection, Developer

Founded Miller Tanner in 1997, parlaying her political campaign experience into an innovative global event planning company.

Marnie Miller Battistini

Chief Executive Officer

Signature Strengths Achiever, Responsibility, Arranger, Focus, Strategic

Dawn brings “THE Business”, customer focused, experience in Pharmaceutical/CRO Sales, a strong work ethic, and fun to Miller Tanner.

Dawn Barnes

Director, Key Account

Signature Strengths Relator, Achiever, Ideation, Strategic, Learner

Daniel thrives on crafting elegant technological solutions to solve complex challenges. Always inquisitive, he stays ahead of the curve.

Daniel Conroy

Director, Technology Services

Signature Strengths Positivity, Communicator, Activator, Achiever, Developer

Mary proactively monitors, evaluates and implements programs and systems that help our clients stay compliant.

Mary Long

Chief Compliance Officer

Signature Strengths Empathy, Maximizer, Positivity, Includer, Adaptability

Laura works to “connect the dots”, making sure our clients know Miller Tanner is their go-to event resource.

Laura Noel

Director, Strategic Development

Signature Strengths Achiever, Arranger, Individualization, Responsibility, Deliberative

Meredith is all over the map – literally – empowering and engaging a global team of event professionals based on six continents.

Meredith Shottes, CMP

Director, Global Events

Signature Strengths Discipline, Empathy, Achiever, Developer, Learner

Jennifer’s experience in public accounting, manufacturing and healthcare enable her to adapt easily and tackle any challenge.

Jennifer Sweeney

Chief Financial Officer

Global Events

Signature Strengths Empathy, Futuristic, Learner, Ideation, Connectedness

Based in Parma, Italy, her mission is to face every event with attention to detail, positivity, courteous service to clients, and a smile!

Annalisa Battistini

Global Event Specialist

Signature Strengths Competition, Relator, Analytical, Self Assurance, Deliberative

Internationally savvy and customer-centric, Marcelo has a diverse background with a mix of operations, event management, and marketing.

Marcelo Casadei

Global Service Director

Signature Strengths Connectedness, Harmony, Empathy, Responsibility, Arranger

One of our most unique Conference Director’s, Susan has worked in Finance, Proposals & Operations while at MTA, giving her a 360 view.

Susan Caven

Global Event Director

Signature Strengths Strategic, Ideation, Input, Intellection, Achiever

Richard brings his 15 years of experience, skills in technical production and high service quality to the Asia Pacific Region and Singapore

Richard Chalmers

Production Manager

Signature Strengths Input, Deliberative, Responsibility Relator, Intellection

Heather has a background in communications and systems coordination. She speaks English, Cantonese, Mandarin and Spanish (conversational).

Heather Cheng

Global Event Executive

Signature Strengths Developer, Empathy, Achiever, Responsibility, Arranger

Along with her unique blend of experience, Patty is known for her visionary leadership, strong work ethic, and gracious interpersonal skills.

Patty Cullim, CMP

Global Service Director

Signature Strengths Achiever, Focus, Responsibility, Communicator, Futuristic

Tomas comes to us from LATAM and he is our first team member based in that region. He worked in the AV industry for several years.

Tomas de Dominicis

Production Manager

Signature Strengths Arranger, Positivity, Achiever, Connectedness, Developer

Jenny’s approachable, customer focused and intent on superior delivery of events that meet your needs within your budget.

Jenny Decker, CMP

Global Event Director

Signature Strengths Woo, Positivity, Achiever, Communication, Futuristic

With her background as a video editor for a television production company, Caroline approaches all projects with ease and creativity.

Caroline Drummey

Global Event Specialist

Signature Strengths Positivity, Activator, Developer, Communicator, Individualization

Melissa’s background in event design and logistics propels her to bring events to life, creating lasting relationships along the way.

Melissa Eggert, CMP

Global Event Director

Signature Strengths Strategic, Positivity, Communication, Connectedness, Developer

Gracie is fluent in Spanish, has a passion for executing programs, and brings a methodical yet easy-going approach to all challenges.

Gracie Fisher, CMP

Global Event Director

Signature Strengths Developer, Empathy, Responsibility, Individualization, Relator

Jessica has vast experience with systems and processes. In her current role, details, data and travel management are the name of the game.

Jessica Gratt

Global Service Director

Signature Strengths Woo, Activator, Adaptability, Developer, Arranger

Julie is an experienced planner who completes all tasks with enthusiasm, thoughtfulness and charm. Her quick wit keeps us on our toes.

Julie Hacker

Global Service Director

Signature Strengths Adaptability, Input, Ideation, Positivity, Empathy

Drew approaches each event with a focus on client success. He has a passion for problem solving and relationship building.

Drew Hau

Production Manager

Signature Strengths Maximizer, Empathy, Futuristic, Individualization, Discipline

Carolyn contributes superior customer service skills, meticulous attention to detail, and the ability to “never meet a stranger”.

Carolyn Hendricks

Global Event Specialist/Special Projects

Signature Strengths Inclusiveness, Communication, Restorative, Relator, Arranger

Carrie’s passion for hospitality comes from managing events for hotels in California and Hong Kong. She is fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin.

Carrie Hui

Global Event Specialist

Signature Strengths Achiever, Developer, Individualization, Responsibility, Learner

Our only Marylander, Brittany, has a knack for maximizing client budgets, problem solving and customer relationship management.

Brittany Jackson

Global Event Director

Signature Strengths Harmony, Learner, Individualization, Empathy, Activator

Based in Budapest, Krisztina has an amazing array of language capabilities—including Hungarian, English,
Spanish, and Italian.

Krisztina Koncz

Global Event Director

Signature Strengths Relator, Achiever, Maximizer, Developer, Deliberative

Mesi speaks five languages (Hungarian, English, French, Spanish and Italian) and is an officially licensed tour guide in Budapest.

Mesi Koncz

Global Event Specialist

Signature Strengths Discipline, Developer, Positivity, Maximizer, Communicator

Natalie swapped the UK for Australia, is exceptionally organized with superior attention to detail so client’s expectations are exceeded!

Natalie Lowndes

Global Event Director

Signature Strengths Positivity, Consistency/Fairness, Restorative, Woo, Communication

Madison is ambitious, hardworking, self-motivated and a quick learner. She wants to use her gained knowledge to benefit her team and clients.

Madison Murray

Global Event Specialist

Signature Strengths Intellection, Achiever, Analytical, Self-Assurance, Relator

Dan’s focus on efficiency and ingenuity while producing the live event offers "no second take", demanding flawless execution and precision.

Dan Pearson

Production Manager

Signature Strengths Achiever, Empathy, Learner, Includer, Relator

Gemma is fluent in Spanish, Catalan, English and German. She loves discovering new cultures and enjoys a multicultural environment.

Gemma Plans

Global Service Director

Signature Strengths Harmony, Relator, Activator, Deliberative, Adaptability

Mandy a UK Native, resides in Barcelona. Fluent in Spanish and German she shares excellent organizational capabilities with our clients.

Mandy Sanderson

Global Event Director

Signature Strengths Strategic, Input, Leaner, Developer, Adaptability

Christina is passionate about the amazing possibilities of projects managed effectively, efficiently, and with a keen attention to detail.

Christina Serra

Global Event Director

Signature Strengths Responsibility, Relator, Arranger, Developer, Empathy

Originally from Florida, Kate is now enjoying the European lifestyle in Luxembourg. She loves turning ideas into completed projects.

Kate Sheelen, CMP

Global Service Director

Signature Strengths Developer, Intellection, Empathy, Input, Consistency

Bonnie knows how to deliver VIP service. She’s an expert at planning, organizing and hospitality.

Bonnie Sheets

Global Event Director

Signature Strengths Individualization, Woo, Communication, Positivity, Includer

Molly's Sports Marketing background brings exceptional and unique experience to our large global VIP events.

Molly Suggs

Global Event Executive

Signature Strengths Achiever, Learner, Empathy, Individualization, Competition

Emoke is customer-oriented and highly flexible which helps her meet people’s requests with ease.

Emoke Szövérfi

Global Event Specialist

Signature Strengths Harmony, Responsibility, Achiever, Relator, Intellection

Connie has produced more than 200 investigator events for Miller Tanner. She has a passion for ensuring flawless execution.

Connie Winter

Production Manager

Signature Strengths Achiever, Relator, Significance, Analytical, Focus

From Hungary, Tamas lives in York, UK. He has years of experience in hospitality and impossible is a word you cannot find in his dictionary.

Tamas Zsoter

Production Manager

Signature Strengths Leaner, Achiever, Relator, Consistency, Analytical

Based in Budapest, Tibor has a background in audiovisual and hospitality industries and has produced investigator events for MTA globally.

Tibor Zsoter

Production Manager

Project Development

Signature Strengths Harmony, Responsibility, Relator, Analytical, Consistency

Ingrid’s exceptional training skills are matched only by her talents in database management and design.

Ingrid Easter

Director, Special Projects

Signature Strengths Achiever, Realtor, Strategic, Responsibility, Arranger

Balanced, handling multiple tasks efficiently in an ever changing environment communicating with external and internal clients alike, while exceeding expectations = Keira!

Keira McCord

Project Development, Proposal Specialist

Signature Strengths Harmony, Developer, Belief, Consistency, Empathy

Amanda is no stranger to the fast-paced global marketplace. She helps secure venues, including sourcing and fine-tuning contracts.

Amanda Poling

Project Development, Venues

Signature Strengths Belief, Responsibility, Achiever, Woo, Connectedness

Kristin is Miller Tanner’s ‘go to’ and one of the first touch points for clients. Her team specializes in proposals, budgets and venues.

Kristin Puryear

Project Development, Manager

Signature Strengths Consistency, Harmony, Positivity, Empathy, Developer

Well organized and with a keen attention to detail, Caroline has a passionate focus for customer service.

Caroline Silke

Project Development, Venues

Signature Strengths Learner, Discipline, Restorative, Responsibility, Analytical

Kelley is always willing to assist, bringing her organizational skills, attention to detail and a helping hand. You can
count on Kelley.

Kelley Thompson

Project Development, Assistant

Signature Strengths Harmony, Achiever, Responsibility, Adaptability, Learner

Taylor works to evaluate client needs and develop cost estimates accordingly. No requested task is outside of her comfort zone.

Taylor Tomlinson

Project Development, Proposal Specialist


Signature Strengths Includer, Empathy, Achiever, Developer, Consistency

Sue values establishing good working relationships while having faith in others; Her strong work ethic enables her to meet deadlines.

Susan Bridges

Transparency Operations Analyst

Signature Strengths Learner, Ideation, Achiever, Futuristic, Strategic.

Lisa is good at math; interested in money - helps Miller Tanner run more effectively – and has serious attention to detail combined with strong interpersonal skills.

Lisa Clifton

Accounts Payable Analyst

Signature Strengths Achiever, Learner, Empathy, Adaptability, Input

Lori is a highly organized and motivated professional with a proven ability to quickly adapt to different business environments.

Lori Flicek

Accounting Manager

Signature Strengths Input, Adaptability, Connectedness, Leaner, Responsibility

Donnice takes pride in accuracy and proficiency, and enjoys building relationships with vendors and customers.

Donnice Hamblin

Accounts Payable

Signature Strengths Responsibility, Input, Leaner, Intellection, Developer

Leslie enjoys exceeding client expectations and ensuring a solid audit on every submission for any cost-saving opportunities.

Leslie Holt

Billing Analyst

Signature Strengths Achiever, Includer, Communication, Developer, Harmony

Naomi’s diversified accounting knowledge brings an extra layer of professional expertise to the already amazing Finance Team.

Naomi Jakes


Signature Strengths Restorative, Responsibility, Empathy, Harmony, Developer

Terri’s attention to detail and problem solving skills are highly effective in providing clients with exact data for Transparency reporting.

Terri McGee

Transparency Operations Manager

Signature Strengths Responsibility, Includer, Relator, Analytical, Achiever

Experienced HR Generalist with broad-based knowledge in a wide range of industries.

Meghan Olson

HR Generalist

Signature Strengths Achiever, Discipline, Intellection, Focus, Consistency/Fairness

Melanie is an empowered, responsible collaborator overseeing policy/procedures for financial management with a touch of compliance oversite.

Melanie Riddick

Transparency Operations Manager

Signature Strengths Connectedness, Individualization, Achiever, Input, Restorative

Wendy’s detail orientation, strong analytical skills and multi-task management are highly effective in the service agreement

Wendy Robbins

Financial Compliance Manager

Signature Strengths Responsibility, Achiever, Relator, Restorative, Individualization

Vivian’s strong analytical skills in auditing and adherence to strict deadlines serve our clients well. She hunts for every penny.

Vivian Thompson

Billing Manager

Sales and Marketing

Signature Strengths Achiever, Individualization, Relator, Communication, Learner

Lauren combines her expertise in meeting and event management with her passion of building relationships to develop new business for MTA.

Lauren Beegal

Senior Business Development Manager

Signature Strengths Responsibility, Learner, Discipline, Harmony, Connectedness

With a knack for social media, Courtney shows the work of Miller Tanner from around the globe through tweets, photos, posts, and blogging.

Courtney Johnson

Social Media Marketing Coordinator

Signature Strengths Strategic, Learner, Futuristic, Positivity, Individualization

For 20 years, Bill has utilized both left brain and right to deliver dynamic creative that not only looks beautiful, but works beautifully.

William “Bill” Morton

Creative Manager

Signature Strengths Achiever, Developer, Learner, Individualization, Empathy

Clients trust Diana because of her strong operational background and extensive knowledge of the pharmaceutical meetings industry.

Diana Reed

Key Account Manager

Technology Services

Signature Strengths Relator, Individualization, Context, Learner, Discipline

Meredeth provides our clients creative, electronic solutions to their global goals. She will take your vision and turn it into a reality.

Meredeth Brower

Virtual Global Event Director

Signature Strengths Relator, Intellection, Strategic, Input, Connectedness

Daren has a careful, analytical perspective and understands the function of IT is to support Miller Tanner’s mission to serve its clients.

Daren Geremia

Technical Operations Manager

Signature Strengths Learner, Achiever, Analytical, Responsibility, Positivity

Aziz is a problem solver ready to take on any challenges. He helps maintain our virtual server infrastructure and works on special projects.

Aziz Kamari

Senior System Administrator

Signature Strengths Belief, Connectedness, Learner, Self Assured, Responsibility

When you talk to Carla the word that comes to mind is versatile. She helps people navigate technical difficulties in software
and hardware.

Carla Mahlberg

Technical Projects Lead

Signature Strengths Deliberative, Learner, Responsibility, Input, Maximizer

Giselle is driven, versatile and creative. She will provide alternative solutions if needed to fit your needs.

Giselle Rojas

Virtual Global Event Manager

Signature Strengths Harmony, Deliberative, Consistency, Responsibility, Analytical

Carrie keeps our communication systems running high in the clouds while being cloistered safely behind some serious security systems.

Carrie Sharp

Director, Global Business Innovation

Signature Strengths Futuristic, Restorative, Relator, Analytical, Responsibility

With a passion for technology and diverse skill set JT brings a flexibility to problem solving delivered with world class customer service

John Thomas “JT” Walling

Technical Specialist

Signature Strengths Responsibility, Harmony, Arranger, Belief, Relator

Wynema is our seasoned IT person. She has made a huge impact in supporting our associates with all their technology needs.

Wynema Ware

Senior Technical Specialist

Signature Strengths Relator, Analytical, Futuristic, Strategic, Responsibility

Julian brings a pragmatic approach to managing people, solutions and projects. He is a problem solver and enjoys strategy and planning.

Julian Yew

Software Development Manager

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