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Corporate Event Planning & Management Services


The Art of Possible

We sing of solutions. We harmonize with the melody of it can be done. We paint with what-ifs. Some hear challenges? Nah. We’re tuned to possibilities and orchestrate all opportunities to make an event a memorable experience.

Types Stories Services

simply unforgettable

When attendees reflect on a meeting, do they reminisce? Are they inspired? Are they more connected to your message? Are they motivated to deliver?

We craft an experience that results in a resounding yes.

More Than Face-to-Face Events

At Miller Tanner Associates (MTA), we don't just consider ourselves event planners; our talented team is composed of event artists that use innovation, creativity, and possibility to create a masterful final result. Where other corporate event planning companies see obstacles and issues, we see opportunities to find solutions and think outside the box.

Corporate event management is not for the faint of heart. MTA relishes the chance to put our well-honed skills into practice, orchestrating a harmonic balance between our clients’ event goals, vision, and desired guest experience. Once the curtain closes on an MTA corporate event, our clients, their employees, and all guests go home with a memorable experience and an outstanding foundation for future events.

in any event

Charles Eames once said, “design depends largely on constraints.” Every meeting has its own unique requirements. No matter what the type of event, we assimilate the minutia to push ourselves to our creative limits.

Request for Proposal

  • achievers' clubs

  • global sales

  • financial investor relations

  • national sales

  • regional sales

  • chairman clubs

  • gold circle clubs

  • president’s clubs

  • leadership conferences

  • product launches

  • board of directors

  • point-of-action (poa) sales training

  • achievers' clubs
  • global sales
  • financial investor relations
  • national sales
  • regional sales
  • chairman clubs
  • gold circle clubs
  • president’s clubs
  • leadership conferences
  • product launches
  • board of directors
  • point-of-action (poa) sales training

Choose a Planning Team that Understands Your Unique Event Needs

To the uninitiated, event planning might sound like a simple and straightforward task. However, the multitude of jobs and responsibilities involved in a single corporate event can be overwhelming.

What’s more, corporate event planning comes with myriad specific needs. For the average event planner, elements such as branding and production aren’t something they ever need to consider - but when you’re in the business of professional corporate event planning, these unique elements are a stunning symphony you know by heart.

MTA team members are veterans of corporate event planning, bringing an incomparable range of skill sets and experiences to the table. With a deep understanding of the nuances of corporate events - and the ability to navigate the often-unpredictable territory - the people of MTA are exceptionally well-prepared.

We are passionate about taking a tailored approach to every single event, giving our clients the benefit of completely customized event services that mesh with their needs. Your role is to tell us about the ideal business event that would check all your boxes, and then we’ll take it from there. Our event planning and management services for corporate events include:

  • Event production
  • Event design
  • Guestlist management and organization
  • Food and beverage catering
  • Accommodations and travel
  • Event entertainment
  • Lighting
  • Audio and video production
  • Multimedia installations
  • Event registration
  • Graphic design
  • Invitations, flyers, and other materials
  • Event websites and digital content
  • Event branding
  • Event marketing
  • Social media services
  • Rehearsals and speaker coaching
  • Day-of management and logistics
  • Post-event takedown

Corporate Event Examples

Success Stories

Nothing’s better than a good tale. Especially one that has a perfect ending rife with accomplishment and partnership. So, sit back, relax and let us regale you with how we delivered these memorable experiences.

Host a Corporate Event that Fulfills its Purpose

Regardless of the specific type of corporate events you have on your calendar, they all have one thing in common: the goal to impact the people who attend. No one wants to invest in an event that attendees forget as soon as they leave; instead, the vision is to deliver an experience that is simply unforgettable.

When you envision the aftermath of your “perfect” corporate event, what do you see? Maybe you’re aiming to inspire and motivate, or perhaps the event’s core purpose is to teach and train. Or, maybe team building is the goal, empowering your organization to strengthen the vital relationships within the company.

Whatever you hope to achieve with your next event, Miller Tanner Associates is the corporate event planner that can make it happen.

In Control of Outcomes & Spend

Plan B is Not Enough

With 20+ years of face-to-face experience and 10+ years planning virtual events, we have an alphabet of contingency plans for any event.

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Be Prepared for the Unexpected at Any Event

Experienced event planning companies know that when it comes to the world of corporate events, having a “Plan B” isn’t enough. MTA has an entire alphabet’s worth of contingency plans lined up for every event, giving you the peace of mind that you’ve partnered with a team that’s ready for anything.

We’ve constructed a solid foundation with 20+ years of face-to-face planning experience, as well as over a decade of virtual events. Thanks to our extensive experience in corporate event planning and management, we’ve truly seen everything - which, in turn, enables us to make sure that we’re well-equipped to handle any challenge that comes our way.

MTA puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to outcomes, spending, and more, giving you precision-level control without the burden of the planning responsibilities.

A Complete Range of Experience Services

Broad Spectrum, Dazzling Details

Think of an unforgettable event as a rainbow — a rare experience made up of vivid colors, each an integral element lending its unique character to the whole. We look at each service through the prism of exacting standards precisely coordinated to form an experience that shines.

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Hotel Sourcing

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Vendor Management

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Event Theming

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Event Collateral

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Food & Beverage Mangagement

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Registration Management

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Gifting Suites

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Speaker Management

Plan a Modern Event that Makes the Most of Technology

One of the defining characteristics of Miller Tanner Associates is our laser focus on innovation and technology. We’ve made it our mission to be the event planners that corporations and organizations can turn to for cutting-edge services, incorporating tech-savvy strategies that streamline and enhance every event.

Miller Tanner Associates has engineered a series of event planning software solutions and tools that will make your job title as host the easiest one you’ve ever earned. With technology on your side, event management becomes a breeze - and both hosts and attendees get to enjoy the perks.

There’s no other event planning company that can offer a complete lineup of smart solutions, such as:

  • EPIC™, the planning software that allows you to keep track of every last detail with just a few clicks
  • Attend™, designed to refine the guest experience and make a fantastic first (and last) impression
  • VALTs™, a digital hub for training to ensure that your company events lay the foundation for long-term learning

Let's Talk.

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The Miller Tanner Associates team is here to chat about anything from our professional background to exactly what type of event might suit your current need.

A Corporate Event Planner with a Broad Range of Experiences

Miller Tanner Associates is an event planning company that’s tackled an unparalleled variety of event types, partnering with clients from virtually every industry and corner of the globe, including Fortune 500 companies. Because we’ve spent decades in the event management and planning industry, we’ve truly become dedicated students of the art of flawless events.

Our portfolio of past events covers every size, type, and purpose imaginable, including:

  • Conferences
  • Trade shows
  • Team-building activities
  • Employee training
  • Product launches
  • Company parties
  • Press conferences
  • Annual company meetings

As a client of Miller Tanner Associates, you’ll benefit from this expertise in the form of our diverse selection of corporate event planning services. From designing a creative themed event and strategizing event marketing to organizing details such as attendee accommodations and travel, the Miller Tanner Associates team has done it all - and we do it all exceedingly well if we do say so ourselves. Contact us today.