Best at Both Worlds.

A dollop of face-to-face events, a pinch of virtual training. Like any memorable recipe, you've got to have just the right amount of each ingredient to make the perfect balance. Let us cook something up for you.

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Gathering is a must. Training required. Assessments have to be recorded.

Sometimes you can’t get away with just one type of event.

That’s where we shine.

We have the breadth of knowledge to craft any experience regardless of requirements.

We’ll help you select the perfect elements of both face-to-face and virtual events.

In other words, you tell us what you need.

And we’ll make it happen.

Hybrid Event Types

The Perfect Event For Your Message

President’s Clubs

Global Sales Meetings

Investigators’ Meetings

Product Launches

Gold Circle Clubs

National Sales Meetings

Advisory Boards

Chairman’s Clubs

Regional Sales Meetings

Point-of-Action Sales Trainings

Steering Committees

Data Monitoring Committees

Financial Investor Relation Meetings

Leadership Conferences

Attend: Paperless Events

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Centralize Your Expertise. Propel Your Team.

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Event Expertise

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Let's Talk.

And Talk.

(about two things that go really well together)

More Event Experiences

face-to-face & just for you

What you need for your meeting, when you need it. All with your goals in mind.

virtually flawless.

Bringing people together, even when they can’t be.

Traits of the Products

Attend: Paperless Events

At Miller Tanner Associates, we don't just make products, we take an abstract solution to a problem and make it a reality.


not reliant on 3rd parties


task-specific dashboards


current data & management


better than best practices


naturally problem solving


elimination of redundancies


searchable, exportable data


your needs, answered


all data captured


time-saving by design


mobile, desktop & all devices in-between