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Driving Hybrid (Events)

The future of events is now. And that future is not siloed. You need to be able to connect both in person AND deliver your message across the technological expanse. That's where we come in.

Our Philosophy Expand the Audience Experience Services

Our Hybrid Philosophy

Here's what we know: being in the room is not the same as being on camera. And a virtual audience is not the same as a face-to-face one. But that's a good thing. We leverage the differences between the experiences and take advantage of their strengths to craft an event where the final result is shared.


appropriately engineered

Over-engineering an event doesn't just introduce complications and more variables, it's unethical. We craft a production blueprint and technical plan to perfectly fit both our customer's requirements and budget.


stars of stage
& screen

It's easy to captivate an audience when a speaker's got a bright spotlight and a hot mic. But what if they've got a headset and a webcam? We implement strategies and work with virtual speakers so they shine just as bright.


promoting collaboration

It's easy to brainstorm when everybody's in the same room. But what if attendees aren't even in the same time zone? Our expertise and experience make it easy for virtual attendees to break out of the box and into a breakout session.

An Event Solution for Today's Challenges and Tomorrow's Successes

We’re in the midst of some seriously unprecedented times - and for most of us, that's meant a seismic shift in nearly every aspect of our everyday lives. But while the world is definitely navigating uncharted territory, it turns out that Miller Tanner Associates was already prepared with a versatile event solution that's proved to be the perfect fit: hybrid events.

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Expanding the Audience

face-to-face (to even more) faces

leverage both intensity and reach for an effective experience


For a face-to-face audience your content has the intensity of a shared space and collaboration is as easy as sitting next to someone. But attendance is limited by the size of the room. And therefore, so is your message.


What a virtual audience lacks in physical proximity, it makes up for in numbers and flexibility. The ability to reach across space and time allows your content to connect where and when it needs to. No limits.

Why Hybrid Events are the Answer

For a huge number of companies and organizations, large-scale face-to-face events are off the table for the foreseeable future. As the world shifted due to COVID-19, virtual events became the go-to choice for corporate conferences, global sales meetings, advisory boards, and countless other event types.

However, though a well-executed virtual event has a myriad of benefits (and if anybody knows a good virtual event, it's Miller Tanner Associates), it's not necessarily a one-size-fits-all solution. And as we see that the global pandemic experience is one that's unlikely to come to a definite close anytime soon, it's become clear that what we need is a long-term answer that prioritizes both event success and attendees’ safety.

Enter the hybrid event, which effectively blends all the best characteristics of both face-to-face and virtual events. Long before the world as we knew it changed, Miller Tanner Associates was helping a wide range of clients plan and execute hybrid events customized to their unique needs and goals.

One of the biggest benefits of hybrid events is their ability to shapeshift to suit your event vision, guest expectations, and strategy - and that's something that's never been more valuable than now.

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Best at Both Worlds

How do you cultivate expertise in a discipline that combines two distinct skillsets? Easy — have years of success in both arenas.

Enjoy the ease of simplified planning

Miller Tanner Associates has always strived to provide our clients with a hassle-free event planning experience. After all, isn't that the primary perk of working with a professional event planning and management team? But when we realized that there were major changes happening in the world, we knew it was time to raise the bar when it came to the health and safety of our clients.

With a combination of tools and 10 plus years of virtual event planning, the Miller Tanner Associates team has streamlined our client’s hybrid event experience from start to finish. Together, we'll craft your event strategy based on your specific goals, develop a clear vision for the experience you're hoping to provide your attendees - and we can do it all virtually. From the comfort of your home or office, you can be confident that MTA is working diligently to pull off a hybrid event that exceeds your expectations as well as the expectations of your participants.

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remote (in) control

No matter where people are connecting from and no matter what their role we know how to best beam them in.


Maximize event flexibility

If there's anything we've all learned from current global events, it's that flexibility is a necessity for our future. We are keeping an eye on the future and preparing and forecasting for different scenarios.

Luckily, adaptability is kind of our thing - and that's helped us support our clients when the unexpected arrives. Another major benefit of hybrid events, particularly in the situation of a global pandemic, is that it offers a uniquely flexible model. By incorporating a virtual element as part of your strategy, you’ll have a backup plan in place should your face-to-face portion be cancelled.

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Contingeny Planning Gurus

Plan B is Not Enough

With 20+ years of face-to-face experience and 10+ years planning virtual events, we have an alphabet of contingency plans for any event.

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Prioritize the needs of your attendees

Whether it's travel restrictions, childcare challenges, or health-related vulnerabilities, the odds are good that plenty of your expected attendees are dealing with significant obstacles that can potentially keep them from a face-to-face event. No matter what type of event you're planning, the needs and wants of your guests should be a major priority - and what better way to ensure that than with a hybrid event that offers something for everyone?

Attendees and speakers that are able to attend in-person (and truly want the face-to-face experience) can do so while those that can't still have a virtual option available to them. Not only does this maximize the reach of your event, but it also shows your participants that you're a host that truly cares.

For every upcoming face-to-face event, Miller Tanner Associates will plan a shadow hybrid event to ensure that the event will go on even if the face-to-face event has to pivot. Our geographic reach and expertise make us flexible and knowledgeable as different parts of the globe react and adapt at different rates and in different ways to the pandemic. Adaptability and our global experience with worldwide partners in countries across the world is what sets us apart.

We have 15 years of producing hybrid events, and our extensive understanding of global safety and security sets the tone. Contact us today for details.

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The Perfect Event For Your Message

Over the past few years, Miller Tanner Associates has broken the mold when it comes to planning hybrid events. We are dedicated to design a highly-tailored experience for every client to fit their needs perfectly. We’re not in the business of cranking out one-size-fits-all solutions because we know that the biggest event successes happen when our clients’ voices can be heard. When you partner with Miller Tanner Associates for your customized hybrid event, the result will be an impeccably executed event that suits your need for perfection.


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