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Face-To-Face and Beyond

With over twenty years of planning events, we’ve perfected our process to deliver an exceptional in-person experience for all your attendees.

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Limited time at the venue. Lots of content to cover. A memorable experience required.

We know the effort it takes to engage an audience from the first invitation to well after the event.

After all, it’s what we do.

So, here’s a thought. Let us take on that burden.

We’ll craft an event that will keep your attendees engaged with your message from first contact and far beyond the days you’re at the same location.

That’s why we call it an experience.

Face-To-Face Event Types

The Perfect Event For Your Message

MTA has planned and managed a variety of face-to-face events. From small, informal gatherings to large-scale meetings on national and global stages, we’ve helped clients host countless events with an extensive range of purposes and goals.

More Than Face-to-Face Events

Whether you’re tasked with planning an intimate in-person meeting or a large conference on the national level, don’t let your professional event be a lackluster affair that attendees will forget as soon as they leave. Partner with Miller Tanner Associates for flawless face-to-face events that bring your vision to life.

We bring more than two decades of industry experience to the table. Our team understands that planning and managing a successful face-to-face meeting or event is a complex science, which is exactly why we approach every project with precision. Miller Tanner Associates raises the bar with an exceptionally diverse range of skills, services, and resources.

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Event Expertise

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Constructing an Invaluable Connection with Your Attendees

From the moment your event invitation is in your attendees’ inbox, one of the biggest challenges of an event begins: keeping them engaged from that point, through the duration of the event and long after it’s ended.

Here at Miller Tanner Associates, we know a thing or two about crafting incredible content, as well as utilizing it in a way that draws in (and keeps) your attendees’ attention. With us on your side, you’ll be able to pull off something that’s so much more than just any other event – it’s a full-blown, unforgettable experience.

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More Event Experiences

virtually flawless.

Bringing people together, even when they can’t be.

Driving Hybrid

A perfect combination of all the services you need and none you don’t.

Managing All the Details – So You Don’t Have To

Keeping everything on track is a full-time job, one that essentially requires a complete team of experts – so why would you place that burden on your shoulders alone?

Miller Tanner Associates will architect your event down to the smallest detail, saving you the time, stress, and cost of trying to do it on your own. We’ve developed a highly effective process that ensures flawless event execution, freeing you to focus on your content and messaging.

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Ensuring that Everything Goes According to Plan

When you partner with Miller Tanner Associates, your event will benefit from our more than twenty years of experience, a wealth of technical resources and knowledgeable professionals. We work tirelessly to make sure you have everything necessary to avoid any surprise issues and resolve potential problems before they begin.

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Let's Talk Face-to-Face

(but it doesn’t actually have to be, you know, face to face)


We take pride in delivering memorable experiences through personalized expertise and tailored solutions. MTA can handle any event, and we’d love to chat more about your specific plans. Contact our team today for more information about our face-to-face event planning and management services.