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Face-To-Face Events

Executing Seamless Event Logistics

Face-to-face events provide a powerful opportunity to interact and engage directly with your audience – we manage the details, so you can focus on doing just that. Our experienced team of global event professionals will tackle the complexities of global event logistics to ensure your attendees have a seamless event experience from invitation to implementation.

Virtual Events

Maximizing Technology to Expand Your Event Options

Whether your goal is to bring together a global audience within a short timeframe, or execute a training series on a limited budget, we reimagine the traditional event experience in a virtual environment with the same commitment to seamless implementation that we apply to our face-to-face events.

Hybrid Events

Customizing Your Event to Meet Your Unique Needs

Combine aspects of both face-to-face and virtual events to build your perfect event. Whether you want to broadcast a speaker from across the globe, include multiple feeds from other locations or incorporate pre-recorded content into your presentation, our team will ensure your event goes off without a hitch.

Learning Management System

Increasing the Continuity of Your Message

Your event may come to an end, but you want your message to live on. Whether you want to share presentations with other sites or team members, or use specific sessions as training tools, we will help you get more from your event by making your message and content available anywhere, anytime online.

Where Your Team Ends…Our Team Begins.

At Miller Tanner, we understand your resources are limited and the ability to be on-site to see every program to the finish is not a reality in this global marketplace. That’s why we have spent the past several years carefully cultivating our global team to ensure that we have the best hospitality and on-site event management staff the world has to offer—just ask our clients.

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Why Work With Us?

More resources, less stress.

Too much work, but short on resources? We’ll save you time, money and stress by taking event management off your plate. Whether it’s venue procurement, invitations, attendee follow-up, vendor management, online training, detailed reporting, event websites, event design and branding, Miller Tanner is here to fulfill your every corporate event need. If you can express it, we can do it.

Tailored services and pricing.

Since our inception, we have managed more than 2,900+ face-to-face and virtual events. Every project is different and we tailor our service packages to suit the needs of your event. No cookie cutter pricing, you only pay for what services you need—no more, no less.

Experienced global team.

We work closely with all of our clients to ensure seamless transitions and event execution on every continent. Whether you need an event manager in Budapest, a hospitality desk concierge in Atlanta or a brand ambassador in Hong Kong, Miller Tanner has top-notch team members located across the globe ready to meet your needs.

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Miller Tanner Event Locations.

Where can we help you plan an event? Anywhere and everywhere. Our experienced global team has executed more than 2,900+ events on six continents. That means whether you need to hold an event in Vancouver, Tokyo or The Gambia, you’ll receive the same consistent and professional service from start to finish. Explore our map below to see where we’ve planned events recently.