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Our Virtual Event & Virtual Meeting Expertise


A Virtual Reality.

When you need to meet even when attendees can’t gather, we can craft an experience that brings people together to interact just like they are face-to-face.

Cost Benefits Expertise

Distant audience. Complex technology. Limited time. Tight budget.

We know the drain on resources that planning a face-to-face event can be.

That’s where we come in.

Instead of going it alone, partner with us.

You have your content. We have the technical expertise, infrastructure & experience.

We’ll reimagine the traditional experience as a virtual event.

All with the same flawless execution and realized just for you.

Just Like a Face-to-Face Event

Partner Through Process

a virtual event is not just a platform, it’s an experience

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More Than Virtual Events

It wasn’t that long ago that hosting an important meeting or event meant budgeting for travel arrangements, venues, and many other expenses. The world of virtual collaboration has opened up a new realm of possibilities, redefining what it means to meet, educate, and connect.

With a virtual event planned and managed by Miller Tanner Associates, your organization can streamline everything from staff training to annual investor recaps. We have created an innovative approach to virtual event planning and management that is focused on delivering a fully tailored experience that suits your individual needs and goals. Years of experience have taught us exactly what works in the virtual event space. Now, we are able to make virtual events as powerful as meeting face-to-face.

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A Virtual Experience For Any Event

Highly Adaptable

Our vast experience and technical expertise enables us to transform and translate almost any face-to-face experience into a virtual one.

Our Virtual Experiences

  • Advisory Boards
  • Investigator Meetings
  • leadership conferences
  • national sales meetings
  • global sales meetings
  • regional sales meetings
  • steering committees
  • Data Safety Monitoring Boards
  • Association Meetings
  • membership meetings
  • Forums
  • seminars
  • Congress Auxillary
  • Expositions (Expos)
  • key opinion leader (KOL) meetings
  • Patient Advocacy
Attend: Paperless Events

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Centralize Your Expertise. Propel Your Team.

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Get Our Tech-Savvy Team on Your Side

One of the most significant challenges of planning virtual events is hashing out the technical details - like connecting remote attendees, delivering digital content effectively, and following-up to measure your efficacy. The technological tools you use for your virtual training, meeting, or event can make all the difference in its success. When you partner with Miller Tanner Associates for your virtual event, you can rest assured that your event will go off without a hitch.

With more than twenty years of experience under our belt and a wealth of versatile tools and resources, MTA has what it takes to deliver an elite level experience on a virtual stage.

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Event Expertise

life sciences


Intelligently-Designed Tools that Do the Work for You

Virtual events provide an impressive array of benefits to both their hosts and attendees. Miller Tanner Associates strives to design the most impactful event. We aren’t just event designers and managers; MTA also crafts forward-thinking solutions to the most common event challenges.

We go above and beyond to offer an experience you won’t find anywhere else. Miller Tanner Associates is proud to be a leader in the industry, and we aren’t planning on slowing down anytime soon.

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Traits of the Products

Attend: Paperless Events

At Miller Tanner Associates, we don't just make products, we take an abstract solution to a problem and make it a reality.


not reliant on 3rd parties


task-specific dashboards


current data & management


better than best practices


naturally problem solving


elimination of redundancies


searchable, exportable data


your needs, answered


all data captured


time-saving by design


mobile, desktop & all devices in-between

More Event Experiences

face-to-face & just for you

What you need for your meeting, when you need it. All with your goals in mind.

Driving Hybrid

A perfect combination of all the services you need and none you don’t.

Let's Talk. Virtually.

(of course)


At Miller Tanner Associates, we practice what we preach. We know that you already have plenty on your plate, so let us take care of all of the details and make sure that your next virtual meeting is a success. Contact our team for more information on hosting a virtual meeting, training, or event, and discover how the MTA difference can help you.