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A Personnel Trainer

Feeling sore from constantly recreating your content? Need to assess the fitness of your team? Looking to engage your core audience? VALTs – our Virtual Assessment & Training Source — is the program that makes all this feel, well, routine.

Uses Features

VALTs is dedicated to maximizing your event spend by effectively managing content online. Deliver training prior to your event. Test and assess your attendees. Capture the event live. Post the content to those not attending. Access archived content for as long as you need. All with VALTs — the source for event content and training.

Look, Up in the Sky the Cloud, More Acronyms

Say Hello to Two of the (Not So) Secret Identities of VALTs

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a day-saving


event content manager

a super-powered


learning management system

You already have the basic building blocks for training success: a motivated team and a solid foundation of valuable content. Now, what you need is a smarter, more effective means of bringing both together and creating the expert workforce your organization needs to pursue its goals - and that’s where VALTs comes in. Designed for maximum efficacy, ease of use, and simple personalization, the VALTs platform by Miller Tanner Associates is exactly what you need to connect all of the most important dots.

Multi-faceted, not Overly-complicated

Let’s keep this simple. VALTs is easy. Easy up-time, easy to use, easy to integrate into your workflow, easy to fit into your budget. Our software team has worked hard to streamline features so you can get right to the functions you need when you need them. It’s that simple.

Your Source for Professional Learning, Growth, and Advancement

It’s no secret that training is one of the biggest hurdles faced by organizations across the globe. Regardless of your organization’s size, industry, or mission, ensuring that your staff is prepared with vital knowledge and skills is no small task. And for team members with busy schedules and geographic locations spread far and wide? The job becomes even more difficult.

With VALTs, you’ll have an intuitive, user-friendly platform that combines flexibility with performance, arming you with a better way to train. By marrying automation with exceptional user control, VALTs rises to the challenge to provide the content delivery system you always wanted – but never knew existed.

One Application To Serve Them All

VALTs is flexible. It can stretch from being used to manage training for a highly secure meeting or VALTs can be used for delivering all virtual event content after it happens. Use VALTs for anything from onboarding to assessing learning. Whether for a face-to-face event or a virtual one, VALTs can serve them all.

Face-to-Face to Virtual

An Innovative Virtual Platform that Redefines the Learning Process

Are you looking to streamline employee onboarding and put new hires to work faster than ever? Or maybe you’re ready to tackle ongoing training with a smarter, more cost-effective approach. Even if you’ve never considered replacing your current training methods, VALTs is here to show you exactly where, why, and how making the switch will completely change everything.

When we began crafting our one-of-a-kind program for virtual learning and assessment, our goal was to engineer a solution to the biggest pain points of training – and we found that there was no shortage of challenges to be conquered.

After evaluating traditional training methods, and pinpointing exactly where they often go wrong, our team came up with a series of common issues that we wanted our platform to solve:

  • Overcomplicated and time-consuming training processes
  • High administrative costs
  • A lack of options for assessing and reporting training successes and failures
  • Roadblocks to keeping content up-to-date

Once our targets were in place, the Miller Tanner team got to work. The result? A versatile, customizable virtual platform that suits a wide range of training and content delivery needs, giving your organization the freedom to aim higher than ever before.

utilitarian and proud of it

You know why a Swiss Army knife is awesome? Because it takes pride in what it does. It’s a tool that solves a problem (or many). So does VALTs. Pick out a feature (or many) and use it like the simple, cost-effective utility that it is.

train 100% of participants

centralized mandatory meeting content

time-shift training

reduce administrative costs with automation

publish & control content for consistency

increase presentation dynamics

assess and test attendees

report & audit attendees’ comprehension

role-based privileges & access levels

notify & train of updates/continuing education

on-board new & changing staff

built to comply with 21CFR PART 11 signatures

customizable learning plans

personalized set-up & designed solution

multiple media types for presentations

integrate via robust API

Dynamic, focused content delivery to up your training game

VALTs makes it simple to boost your presentation dynamics, giving you the tools to take advantage of a varied selection of media types and customizable learning plans. Once a training topic has wrapped, assessing, auditing, and reporting trainees’ comprehension is quick and fuss-free.

A cost-effective method that doesn’t sacrifice quality

Organizing and facilitating training can be a major drain on your budget, but VALTs employs tech-savvy automation to cut costs significantly. Not only does VALTs serve as a delivery system for current training content, but it can also notify participants of new requirements and continuing education on an ongoing basis.

Straightforward support for compliance and industry requirements

When your organizational training needs to go beyond educational goals and tie into compliance regulations, VALTs gives you the peace of mind that you’re adhering to all key expectations.

A virtual training solution that puts you back in the driver’s seat

When it comes to training, it’s easy to get swept away by its unique challenges and needs. VALTs allows you to take back a proactive, goal-oriented role in the training process and get the job done right.

sidekicks to make you the heroine of your event

We think sidekicks are great. Robin, Jimmy Olsen, Han Solo (we all know Leia was the brains of the operation). So we’ve developed a suite of solutions that suit up when you need them to help you save the day.

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