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Instead of hiding it behind the proverbial curtain, we visualize your event data for you. Attendees, issues, reports, chat. All available to access eight days a week from any device. That’s Event Planning In Control.

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EPIC: Event Planning In Control

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EPIC is not just an off-the-shelf software package. It’s not just an app. EPIC is an efficient and effective event planning methodology backed by tailored software — one that we’ve developed over more than twenty-five years of executing amazing experiences.

Event Management That Has All The Answers

  • Register attendees with a user-friendly interface
  • Collect unique attendee data for highly-regulated industries
  • Customize to the needs of your event
  • View attendee registration status in real-time
  • Manage attendee issues with a simple interface
  • Get help through a secure chat
  • Provide travel details, personalized agendas & event notifications
  • Leverage in-app participation features to keep your audience engaged
  • Quick attendee reimbursement for their travel expenses

EPIC: Event Planning In ControlTM — the perfect event planning product

For more than two decades, the Miller Tanner Associates team has been a global leader of event planning and management. And during that time, we’ve learned exactly what it takes to craft a truly effective software solution for event planning… and that (until now), there just wasn’t a tool that could measure up to our customers’ needs. So, true to our make-it-happen attitude, we decided to harness our expertise and innovation and create one of our own; and thus, EPIC was born.

What does this mean for you? Picture this: the event planning product of your dreams, one that simplifies the complexities of event planning while incorporating every last feature that you could ever want. From intuitive set-up to thoughtful details that help you get the job done, it’s the perfect planning tool, engineered exactly to your ideal specifications. That’s exactly what Miller Tanner’s EPIC event planning software is.

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A tool created for event planning by actual event planners (and the rest of our top-notch team)

An intelligently-designed dashboard that offers an at-a-glance glimpse of all your event metrics on a single screen? Check. What about a chat feature that instantly connects you with a support team? Check. The capabilities to generate a range of useful reports, giving you access to valuable tracking data that allows you to work smarter, not harder? Yep, EPIC has that too. This is a tool that checks every imaginary box on your planning software wish list, and then some.

And best of all, Miller Tanner Associates is the driving force behind its development - and we’re never content to settle for “good enough.” Like anything else we do, our work with the EPIC tool is fueled by our commitment to ongoing innovation and improvement. Adaptability and intentional growth are core values of Miller Tanner Associates, guiding everything we do, including EPIC. We’re always on the lookout for opportunities to finesse the EPIC software, which translates into exciting new features and thoughtful improvements for users.

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Eyes Forward.

Relentlessly Evolve.

We always have an eye on the future and are willing to adapt to it. EPIC follows our methodology. Contact us for a demo or subscribe to our email list to be in the know when epic new features are made available.

Your Newest Go-To Strategy Planning Tool

There’s no shortage of event planning solutions that claim to “do it all” - but the difference is that EPIC actually delivers on that promise. Many of the other software options out there were designed and built by a team exclusively made up of engineers and tech experts. The result is a series of products that may function well technically but don’t quite hit the mark when it comes to what you need for practical event planning and management.

But because the development of EPIC was spearheaded by MTA’s famously diverse team, composed of talented individuals with skills in experience design, content, software engineering, compliance, and more, it stands out from every other product on the market. We’ve worked hard to think of everything, bundling it all into a single solution in a way that actually makes sense.

From day one of the planning process to the final wrap-up after the event, EPIC puts you in the driver’s seat and gives you complete control. Not only will you save time, energy, and expense, but you’ll see marked gains in the ability to be the highly effective and efficient event host you’ve always aimed to be - and that’s the best benefit of all. After all, it is Event Planning in Control.

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