Congress Management

Scientific Congresses & Medical Conferences

Multiplied, Magnified and Momentous

Congresses and conferences are nothing if not supersized. To execute successfully it takes both a broad range and specific set of skills. The demands are, to say the least, unique.

High Stakes

Value is a Premium

Standing Out is Crucial

Compliance & Regulation Required

Multiple Audiences & Meetings

Complex Logistics

How We Help

Your Logistic Supporter

There's a lot that goes into a congress or conference. Let us take all that on. Not to contradict a certain Mr. McCartney, but… you don't have to carry that weight.

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A Spectrum of Service Levels

One Size Does Not Fit All

From making your presence felt to engaging with key stakeholders to organizing multiple vendors, we service every level of complexity and every set of requirements, no matter how unique.


Example Small Booth, Ancillary & Auxiliary Meetings, Simplified A/V

Highly Complex

Example Large Booth, 1:1 / Steering Committees / Leadership Meetings

Congress Management Services

Venue Sourcing

Budget Management

Ancillary & Auxiliary Meetings

Sponsorship Management

Exhibit Space Design

Travel Logistics

Food & Beverage Management

Association Management

Stakeholder & Internal Communication

Housing Management

Booth & Business Suite Management

Symposia Management

Pre-con Management

On-Site Management

Congress App Management

And more...

Focused on the Mission

We Are Life Partners

Talking life sciences always gives us a bit of nostalgia. Since the birth of MTA over twenty-five years ago, we've built long-term relationships in this sector. It's even driven the maturation of our organizational structure (we have a Chief Compliance Officer, after all). To put it plainly: life sciences is in our upbringing.

Our Life Sciences Experience
Congress AV

Stand Out From the Crowd

Well Produced, Well Received

You know what cuts through the noise? Sharp video and audio with no noise, that’s what. How about a stage with presence? And a presence on stage? That’s what we do.

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Stand Out From the Crowd

creative spark, clear message

Call it a theme, call it a motif, you can call it Al. The important message is, well, the message. We craft cohesive and outstanding concepts that stick.

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Congress AV

Hybrid: The Perfect Congress

All Together Now

We know the story by now. Stakeholders are not able to be “at the table” for a variety of reasons. Let us bring them to that table (or bring the table to them).

Our Hybrid Experiences Expertise