Colors & MTA

At MTA, we believe in understanding. Understanding what makes an impactful event; understanding the technologies behind the scenes; understanding our clients’ needs.

Colors & MTA

We know crafting a compelling experience is a complicated endeavor. Our team comprises a broad spectrum of temperaments and skills to deliver top-notch events between experienced designers, software engineers, salespeople, venue sourcing, compliance, transparency, and finance.

While we work as one, we are not pod people — we’re not a mindless collective. Each team member brings their own unique experience, intelligence, and creativity.

To aid us in our mission, we use a color-based personality system, www.corestrengths.com, as a tool for understanding, cooperation, and communication. Based on an innovative approach to personality profiling developed more than four decades ago, this system helps us better understand what each team member brings to the table and how we can all come together to create something impressive.

Colors & Personalities

You don’t need a personality test to tell you that each person is unique with their strengths and challenges. But what we’ve discovered is that the proper personality test can offer an enlightening look at exactly how each individual’s distinct characteristics can best fit into the larger picture of our team.

The colors personality system theorizes that every person is a combination of four general personality types. The balance of the four personality colors makes us diverse and multi-faceted.

This isn’t a generic, five-question personality test pulled from the pages of a teen magazine (though we can all admit that those provided plenty of entertainment back in the day). Instead, this system is founded on a personality temperament theory that’s helped countless organizations and teams better achieve their goals.

One of the foundational principles of this personality assessment system is that it is a critical error to attempt to pigeonhole people into a single personality type. Thankfully, people are far more diverse and exciting than that. Instead, we can all be a blend of all four “colors,” and how those characteristics manifest can depend on the situation and setting.

What does this mean for the Miller Tanner Associates team? We’ve always been confident in the power of our united efforts, but we now understand that our team is made up of the entire color spectrum and that our sum is far greater than its parts.

Colors & MTA

Voltron. The A-Team. The Impossible Mission Force. We love teams. Especially ones that are perfectly configured to achieve a specific goal.

But, of course, everybody has different strengths and motivations. That’s a good thing. It’s essential to have the right mix of personalities to bring out the best in everyone.

We use our personality assessments to analyze team members’ strengths and put them, MTA as a whole, and — most importantly — our clients in the best positions to succeed.

Each of the four personality colors represents a basic “type” or temperament. The system suggests that each individual has two dominant colors that make up the core of their personality, but that all four colors are present in some sense. What does each of the color personality types mean? We’re glad you asked.

A "Blue"

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Enthusiastic, Optimistic, Good Communicator, Emotional & Passionate, Motivational & Inspirational, Outgoing, Personal

A “blue” tends to be an extroverted people-person, the life of the party and the connector of friends, colleagues, and even random strangers. They’re the person that can seemingly strike up a conversation with anyone, anywhere, effortlessly getting to know someone within minutes of meeting them. At MTA, our “blues” are the ones that help build stronger relationships among our team members, clients, vendors, and anyone else we encounter along the way.

A "Green"

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Analytical, Detail-oriented, Thorough, Industrious, Compassionate, Orderly, Methodical, Intuitive

“Greens” have a deep appreciation (and a serious skill) for organization, logic, and order. Every move a “green” makes has been carefully considered, and you can be confident that they’ve done their research and confirmed the facts before making an assertion. Our “greens” are invaluable in strategizing, gathering data, and keeping us on track towards our short- and long-term goals on the MTA team.

A "Red"

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Decisive, Achievement-Driven, Independent, Risk Taker, Takes Charge, Takes Initiative, Self-Starter, Persistent, Efficient, Competitive

Odds are, you can already think of a “red” in your life. They’re the person that’s always ready to take the lead and conquer whatever challenges lay ahead. “Reds” are the movers and shakers of our world, the ones with natural leadership skills and the ability to get straight to the point. When a “red” unites with other personality types to pursue a common goal, they can become an unstoppable force of nature.

A "Yellow"

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Patient, Team Player, Stable, Empathetic, Compassionate, Loyal, Puts People Above Projects, Dependable, Supportive, Agreeable

A “yellow” is often one of the quietest people in a room, but as the saying goes, “still waters run deep.” Although “yellow” personalities tend to be soft-spoken, they are highly empathetic and highly skilled at reading the room and every person. Warm, friendly, and incredibly caring, the “yellow” temperament types at MTA embody the heart and soul of our team.

Colors & MTA

People deal with adversity and moving targets differently. That’s okay. We use our “Relationship Intelligence” to appropriately — and productively — react and work with the myriad ways people address conflict.

When something doesn’t go as planned, it goes better than imagined.

Colors & MTA

You’ve probably figured out by all the above that we take our concept of colors, personalities, strengths, and motivations pretty seriously — so much so that it’s an essential part of our branding.

You might have noticed that our logo contains four colors gathered together within a circle. This isn’t random. Those four colors represent the diversity of our people, personalities, and talents.

And that circle? That’s our common goal — bringing our clients the best experience possible.

Colors & MTA