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Message from Marnie Miller Battistini, CEO

August always feels like a “reset” month at Miller Tanner Associates (MTA) as it’s the first full month after our annual workshop and a starting point at which to implement the outcomes from our annual gathering.

One of our most significant workshop outcomes is the introduction of our new Strategic Leadership Team (SLT). The Strategic Leadership Team consists of the key leaders at MTA who provide the global leadership for the Global Experiences, Finance, Technology Services, Compliance, and Commercial Teams. I’m pleased to announce that Jennifer Sweeney, Daniel Conroy, Mary Long, Meredith Shottes and Scott Nodolf will serve as the SLT and join me in leading the vision for MTA.

As a united team, we bring our collective brainpower together to address the many aspects of running a global event planning business that provides not only exceptional core services (live, virtual and hybrid events) but also includes proprietary products (VALTS, Attend, and EPIC) that enhance our clients’ overall event experiences.

Providing exceptional event logistical services is at the foundation of MTA, but offering proprietary digital products is the MTA differentiator.  I look forward to working alongside the talented voices of Jennifer, Daniel, Mary, Meredith, and Scott to elevate MTA for our clients, vendors, and the highly-valued MTA global team.


Marnie Miller Battistini, CEO

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