How MTA’s Technology Services Will Improve Your Events

Virtual Meetings
Daniel Conroy

When I think about what separates Miller Tanner Associates from others in the events management industry, I believe it’s our relentless drive to provide a memorable experience – one that is highly personalized and supported by expert execution. This drive and commitment to excellence have allowed Miller Tanner to become a trusted partner to many through the years.

Exceptional execution of complex events depends on strong teams at every stage of an event. Our team, the Technology Services Group, primarily works behind the scenes. In addition to keeping all of our technology running and secure, we get the opportunity to design and build new applications that impact our company and many of our clients.

I want to share what the Technology Services Team is developing to prepare for the future of service.

Mobile Focus: We have adopted a mobile-focused attitude where nothing gets developed without a mobile strategy. To that end, we’ve completely re-designed our On-Demand Trainer / Learning Management System (ODT/LMS)  for full functionality within a mobile browser. I’m super excited about this update and can’t wait for you to see it!

Intuitive Design: It isn’t just mobile getting all the attention, though. We’re refreshing everything. You’ll notice the look and feel, starting with our ODT/LMS product, which will be incorporated across the company and our other service offerings. Beyond simple consistency, we’re focused on designing services that look great and are easy to use.

Efficiency: In addition to new designs, we’re currently under development with a product that will literally change how we do business. Our Event Planner product is built to integrate the many moving parts (think everything from transportation to meal preference) that are required to make an event successful. In addition to this core functionality, we’re exploring ways to make everything from event pricing to expense reimbursements more efficient. It’s going to be huge – and we’re on track to deliver later this year.

Finally, a promise. It’s easy to get excited about everything ‘new’, but what’s gotten MTA to this point isn’t just technology. It’s the people that deliver excellent service. While we have all sorts of great ideas on how to make things better, we’ll never lose sight of what’s most important and how we got to where we are today – thanks to YOU, our valued clients and your trust in our company.