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In the life sciences industry, investigator meetings (IM) are critical from several standpoints. First, the IM provides a mechanism to train all the related study personnel consistently. A site with attendees from Tbilisi, Georgia, and the site attendees from Atlanta, Georgia, need to walk away confident that they are following the same practices and procedures according to the study protocol as well as the International Council for Harmonization (ICH) and/or the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) for Good Clinical Practices (GCP). The next points of compliance include: What are the policies of your organization for travel, privacy, and data protection? Who understands the policies regarding Health Care Personnel (HCP) spend? How is the HCP computed based on region and who supplies the spending tracking and submission as required by local and international laws? The answer to these questions makes an investigator meeting a high-stakes event.

Your next investigator meeting should motivate clinical site staff, transform individual medical professionals into a united team, and map out a path based on common goals. As a vital step in completing clinical drug trials, a well-executed pharmaceutical investigator meeting involves a significant number of moving parts, not the least of which is delivering an excellent event experience.

At Miller Tanner Associates, we’ve spent more than two decades helping our clients plan and manage flawless professional events, including pharmaceutical investigator meetings.

Investigator meetings should motivate clinical site staff, unite individual medical professionals, and map out a path based on common goals.

Achieve Your Goals with a Strategically-Planned Investigator Meeting

As a pivotal force for achieving your team’s goals of creating new pharmaceutical solutions to make a difference for the greater good, an investigator meeting is a high-stakes event that can deliver an outstanding payoff.

Our team is comprised of a talented group of individuals with a full spectrum of professional experiences and skills, making us uniquely prepared to manage investigator meetings and other events for life sciences clients.

The Miller Tanner Associates team will do more than just secure an appropriate venue, track expenses, and coordinate details; we’re here to ensure that your meeting never strays from its objective of providing an excellent experience for investigators and their staff. Ultimately, our goal is the same as yours: for pharmaceutical investigators to leave your meeting feeling informed, interested, and motivated to move forward in your ideal direction.

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Maximize Success and Minimize Stress with an Investigator Meeting Planned by Miller Tanner Associates

There’s no question that investigator meetings can make or break your next clinical trial – and that amount of pressure is enough to make even the most seasoned professional a little nervous. But the good news is that Miller Tanner Associates is the team that you can trust with your most important events. We will not only make sure that your event follows all the newest rules and regulations, but also that it suits your budget, goals, and big-picture vision. Our team’s incomparable diversity of experiences and skills make us the event management provider you want on your side when it matters most.

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