Meet MTA: Pia D’Alessandro, Global Experience Designer – Events

meet Pia D'Alessandro

The Miller Tanner Associates’ (MTA) difference is our people. That’s why we want to introduce you to our team of superstars that brings our corporate meetings and events to life for our customers.

Today we introduce you to Global Experience Designer – Events Pia D’Alessandro, our Argentina-based associate. Pia’s expertise spans over 8 years of supporting MTA’s life sciences customers in crafting and planning memorable industry events.

Meet Pia D’Alessandro, Global Experience Designer – Events

Strengths (based on CliftonStrengths): Responsibility, Input, Positivity, Activator, Connectedness

Languages spoken: Spanish, English, Portuguese, and French. 

Tell us about your current role with MTA? I am a global experience designer – events. I’m our customers’ point of contact for all operational aspects of planning their respective events and ensuring an exceptional event experience for all.

How long have you been with MTA? Eight years as part of the extended team, and eight months as a full-time employee. Eight is my lucky number! 

What did you do before joining MTA? I have a Bachelor of Arts in art history. I worked in the cultural industry for a long time organizing art fairs and art exhibitions. 

What’s the best part of your job?

I love to go on site! I get to experience different cultures and see colleagues whom I consider friends! I also enjoy meeting the study team in person. These are people with whom I share so much time during the planning process. It’s always interesting to see how people are in person and not behind a monitor. 

What’s been your favorite event destination as an event planning professional?

Amsterdam is one of my favorite cities in the world. The hotels and their staff are usually great at what they do, which makes the job super easy. On a personal note, I love the city and the vibe of the locals. Oh, I also enjoyed working in Ciudad de Mexico. Amazing city! 

What’s been your most memorable event to date and why?

My most memorable event would be my first on-site assignment back in 2015 in Sao Paulo. Unforgettable experience!  

Do you have a few great travel tips that you could share?

I always travel with my first aid kit, some Ziplock bags, and the universal power adaptor. 

What do you enjoy most about living in Buenos Aires? Any favorite spots that you would recommend to tourists?

I enjoy seeing my family and friends from school and university. I’d recommend seeing the hidden semi-Olympic swimming pool that is inside the Buenos Aires Public Law School.  

What makes Miller Tanner Associates stand out as a meeting planning company? What’s your favorite aspect of MTA?

MTA has unique values and strengths – first being the team, then creativity, innovation, sustainability initiatives, long-term customer and vendor relationships, and the multicultural diversity of the MTA team. 

Why do you think that the MTA Workshops are important? What do you get most from this time together?

I really enjoy seeing everyone in person; that makes a huge impact on my relationship with everyone.  

What do you do for fun?

I love finding cool spots to eat out with my friends and family. I love making pottery, and soy candles, and practicing yoga. I read a lot and cook a lot. Also enjoy taking my nieces and nephews to the park with my dog.  

To learn more about the MTA Team, visit www.millertanner.com.