#MeetMTA: Mary Long

#MeetMTA Mary Long Director of Compliance

The Miller Tanner difference is our people. That’s why we want to introduce you to our team of superstars that bring our corporate meetings and events to life for our clients.

Meet Mary Long

Tell us about your current role as Director of Compliance for Miller Tanner Associates?

As Compliance Director for Miller Tanner Associates, I work with all internal departments as well as our clients to assure we are complying with policies, procedures, and guidelines established to produce quality products and services.

What are your primary responsibilities?

My role is to support and guide our teams to understand what compliance means, why it is important in terms of how we produce a quality product.

How long have you been with Miller Tanner Associates? Four years on July 1st.

What did you do before joining Miller Tanner?

Before joining Miller Tanner Associates, I worked in the clinical research organizational industry in global clinical operations and clinical quality compliance roles for twenty years. I was responsible for the development of departmental standard operating procedures (SOPs), process standards, benchmarking, system, and reporting tools for multiple companies. I also have ten years of nursing and have held positions in hospitals, clinics, and home care, with a therapeutic focus in oncology, nephrology, and orthopedics.

What do you feel are the most fulfilling aspects of your job?

It’s very fulfilling to be able to work across departments and clients!

What compliance-related concerns do our clients have and how does Miller Tanner address these concerns?

The pharmaceutical industry that Miller Tanner has served for over 19 years is a very complex, but exciting arena. Pharmaceutical companies invest significant time and effort to develop relationships with physicians that are experts in patient care for specific diseases to better understand and help document how their product or drug impacts that patient population.

Clients have to assure their interactions with physicians and other healthcare professionals can not be perceived as to influence the physician’s decision on how to best treat a patient. Miller Tanner assists our client in planning and managing events globally with healthcare professionals that are always professional and conducive to scientific training.

You are based out of San Antonio, Texas, right? From a local’s perspective, tell us 3 must-see/must-do attractions when visiting San Antonio.

Some of the best attractions in San Antonio are the Mission Trail, the River Walk and Tower of the Americas, which is a 750-feet tall tower with panoramic views built as part of the 1968 World’s Fair.