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We’ve learned a lot about planning, managing and executing successful meetings over the course of two decades and 2,900+ events. On this blog, we share insights, tips and best practices for creating extraordinary event experiences… and some other fun stuff too. Enjoy!


Miller Tanner Associates Celebrates 22 Years in the Meeting and Event Industry

By | May 01, 2019

Today we are celebrating our 22nd work anniversary at Miller Tanner Associates (MTA)!

A lot has changed in the event industry over the past two decades since MTA has been in business and we’ve strived to adapt as the times shifted and innovate as the opportunities arose. Our goal continues to be one that makes your events, regardless of the format (F2F, Virtual, Hybrid or repurposed event content) more engaging, more efficient, and more impactful.

On behalf of MTA, thank you for the continued opportunity over the past 22 years to be of service for your meetings and events across the globe.


Marnie Miller Battistini, CEO

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