MTA Celebrates Its 19th Anniversary



Today, May 1, 2016 marks Miller Tanner Associates’ (MTA’s) 19th anniversary in business. Although I named it Miller Tanner Associates, I really wanted the focus on the ASSOCIATES hoping that the business would grow and ASSOCIATES would eventually materialize. Thankfully they did, and today, Miller Tanner has grown to 65 employees worldwide across 14 countries working on six continents (Antarctica continues to elude us!).   Miller Tanner’s ASSOCIATES are what make MTA unique – past and present – we share the gift of service.

Nineteen years ago, I created a mission statement that I’d like to believe is still viable today: “The mission of Miller Tanner Associates is to apply an innovative approach to complete meeting planning management that exceeds our clients’ expectations”.

Daily we make character-based decisions that I hope you see reflected in the work we produce.  We rely heavily on technology keeping our virtual work lives in order.  Plus, at MTA we work hard to listen to your needs and then we work even harder to deliver more than what you expect.   The team at Miller Tanner thanks you for giving us the opportunity to be of service and work with you around the globe.  It is our pleasure to collaborate with you and bring your meetings to life.  I work with an amazing team (past and present) and I continue to be humbled by what we can achieve together.

Thank you all for an amazing nineteen years…let’s take a moment to acknowledge the accomplishment and then look forward as we apply our joint wisdom into the next year together.


Marnie Miller Battistini
Miller Tanner CEO

Marnie Miller Battistini