Event Budgeting & Financial Management Services

Since our inception, Miller Tanner Associates has taken a solutions-oriented approach to corporate event planning and meeting management. Our team is constantly asking ourselves what we can do to support our clients in the planning and implementation of incredible event experiences – and how can we make the process as simple and stress-free as possible?

Without a doubt, one of the most challenging aspects of planning an event for your organization is managing the financials. From initial budgeting and tracking all the expenses to following up on details like expense reimbursements, event budgeting is a complex, time-consuming task. But now, there’s an easier way to navigate it all with ease: partnering with Miller Tanner Associates.

As part of our corporate event planning and management services, we’ve created a financial management option that takes the burden off your shoulders entirely. The experienced finance team at Miller Tanner is well-equipped for managing all aspects of your event finances, helping your organization pull off an event that measures up to both your budget and your expectations. With us on your side, it becomes possible to host an event that’s as impressive as it is budget-conscious – no stress added.

A Financial Planning Approach that Keeps Every Dollar in Check

Staying in line with your event budget is most likely of paramount importance to your organization, making it just as vital to the MTA team. From the first day of planning to the final wrap-up of last-minute details, we’re here to take the challenging task of financial management into our (very capable!) hands.

Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect from our financial management services:

  • Clear communication throughout the entire process, accounting for every single dollar of the budget
  • Targeted recommendations for budget adjustments if needed, including options to lower or increase budget in the interest of event experience quality
  • Support for remedying unexpected budget issues
  • A Billing Portfolio that details the metrics of the event, a line-by-line budget reconciliation, and a summary of every dollar spent
  • Management of financial processes including expense reimbursements for attendees, review of all submissions, direct wire to each individual, for complete transparency reporting of your event.

We understand that when it comes to executing an event, budget is a top priority for virtually every organization out there. That’s why we tap into the valuable use of financial management planning software, putting key budget details within easy reach of everyone involved. Plus, we’ve built a financial team of the best and brightest in the industry, with years of experience and knowledge at the ready.

The result? You’ll always know exactly where you are in terms of expenses, absolutely no detail will go unnoticed, and we’ll supply thoughtful solutions to unexpected obstacles – in other words, it’s the financial management solution you’ve always needed.

Benefit from an Event Planning Solution Created to Serve Your Organization’s Needs

The Miller Tanner Associates team is fueled by our mission to serve as an exceptional steward to each and every client, going above and beyond the typical industry standard to provide an outstanding experience. From the earliest stages of event planning to the final wrapping up of financial details, your Miller Tanner planning team is well-prepared to deliver an excellent level of service – and more than that, we truly enjoy doing it!

Miller Tanner isn’t like other corporate event planning companies; in fact, our founding mission has always been to consistently differentiate ourselves from everyone else in the industry.

Get more information about how our financial management services can make a world of difference for your next event; contact the Miller Tanner team today.