Success Story: Celebrating Excellence in Puerto Rico

The Event:  

A biopharmaceutical company hosts a “Circle of Excellence” incentive event for 41 participants.  


The company’s new planning team, in partnership with Miller Tanner Associates (MTA), established goals based on insights learned from the previous year’s event. MTA took the time to understand the customer’s concerns and developed innovative solutions to ensure the event would be a success. The solutions included a robust communication plan, on-site touchpoints with MTA, expanded activity options, and a one-of-a-kind interactive experience to elevate the incentive event. 

beach in Puerto Rico


The success of this incentive trip was in the details! Here’s how the MTA team accomplished it: 

  • The MTA team intentionally designed this event based on the previous year’s feedback from the customer and attendees to deliver a very tailored experience.
  • This corporate event was held in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico at a Bahia Beach resort, located between the El Yunque National Forest and Espiritu Santo River State Preserve. 
  • Our team set up a hospitality desk in the lobby for more visibility throughout the week. This allowed for more connection and engagement for attendees to learn more about the resort, the program, and MTA.  
  • Upon arrival for this 4-day event, the 41 attendees were greeted with welcome amenities – a custom bag with specialty snacks and beach necessities.   
  • MTA elevated this welcome event with a curated marketplace experience featuring unique creations by local artisans. From designer hats and hand-painted artwork to custom jewelry, rum (with complimentary rum tasting), and local spices, attendees enjoyed a fully-immersive experience delighting in the unique gifts and flavors of the island. 
  • The following day, guests were treated to a group activity of their choosing. For those seeking a water-based adventure, attendees enjoyed sailing on a catamaran, featuring branded items, and a day at the beach. For those more interested in a land-based activity, attendees toured San Juan.  
  • Day three, attendees signed up for individual activities including golf, spa, ATV tour, and/or poolside hospitality cabanas. The day ended with the celebration dinner beginning with a cocktail reception, sushi station, and fruit display. 
  • The celebration dinner was intentionally scheduled on Friday instead of Saturday with a leisure day scheduled on Saturday to accommodate early flights out on Sunday.  
  • The final day of this experience was a leisure day in which attendees could choose a variety of options or enjoy activities on their own. A luxury cabana was available for those seeking rest and relaxation. For those interested in activities, attendees had options to schedule excursions – such as a fishing excursion, Broadway show, food tour, or historical city tour. 
  • Branding played a large role in this event. The MTA team created customized branding for this event from décor, to text messages, nametags, signage and even the attire of the MTA on site team. This elevated the experience for the attendees, and helped create a memorable impression.  
  • Communication was an important aspect as well. To ensure consistency in communication, guests were sent branded group texts throughout the event to add to the overall experience. 


MTA team’s eye for detail, creativity, special touches, and extra efforts made this program stand out. The team intentionally designed the event based on previous feedback to deliver a tailored, elevated experience for our customer’s attendees. 


I wanted to take the time and convey thanks for an amazing job.  The preparation and planning translated to an amazing event.  The venue was simply fantastic and left those that attended in awe.  The food, events and support of local vendors all added to a memorable event. The personal touch provided by on-site partners was noted and beyond expectations.  Please pass along our gratitude to the other staff members who attended. –  Customer, Incentive Program