Success Story: Shared Success for Two Hybrid Investigator Meetings

The Event:  

As part of a two-program series for our customer, a life science company, MTA planned and executed hybrid investigator meetings in both North America and Europe for a total of 147 in-person attendees and an additional 21 joining virtually. The meetings took place in both Chicago and Barcelona, central locations for global attendees. 


Our team had a condensed planning period of less than six weeks for each program. The transparency requirements, venue availability, costs, virtual accessibility, and complex logistics (attendees for the EU program were coming from various countries including Israel, Belgium, Finland, Italy, and the UK) were all concerns. Despite these challenges, along with an unexpected departure travel situation, we successfully delivered these meetings. 


To create a consistency in messaging, branding, and overall experience the MTA team implemented comprehensive strategies that resulted in successful investigator meetings for our customer.   

  • Both investigator meetings began with welcome networking reception, followed by a full day of investigator meetings on day two.  
  • The events were hybrid, enabling virtual attendees to actively participate in discussions and presentations. 
  • MTA used the same Production Team at each meeting as a strategy for effectively delivering the content and to ensure a seamless, consistent experience for both meetings.  
  • Technology solutions for these events included general session audio visuals, using multiple screens to enhance the presentations as well as monitors provided for vendors in foyer for greater digital capabilities.  
  • To engage all participants throughout the meetings, AIS (Attendee Interactive System) was integrated to use for audience response capabilities, including polling, Q &A, etc. 
  • Branded graphics were used at both meetings to reinforce overall branding and messaging throughout the investigator meetings. MTA took a unique opportunity to engage attendees with the study’s branded tagline using “footprint” decals to lead attendees into the general session room.  
  • Strong partnerships with hotel and transportation vendors ensured clear communication and efficient transitions.  
  • MTA selected hotel properties that were convenient to airport, flexible, and supportive of transparency requirements for participants representing multiple countries. The ground transportation partner was creative and accommodating of all travel requirements and requests.  
  • When a transportation strike in Germany posed a challenge for some of our departing attendees, our travel and hotel partners worked in tandem with MTA to quickly pivot and accommodate our attendees’ needs.  


“Thank you for everything you did to help make the Barcelona meeting a success!  Greatly appreciated.” – Customer, Life Sciences  

“Thank you so much Janina to you and your fabulous team for their incredible support.  It was an absolute pleasure to work with you and your team and I have to give a big shout-out to Michael who was so supportive at both meetings and easy to work with.”  – Customer, Life Sciences  

Thanks to all of the Miller Tanner Team. – Customer, Life Sciences

“Thanks for everything, Caroline! MTA was wonderful.” – Customer, Life Sciences