Top Technology Trends in Meetings

Top Technology Trends for Meetings

As Director of Global Business Innovation, my role is to ensure Miller Tanner is always on the forefront of technology by introducing new ideas, workflows, methodologies, services and products all while maintaining the highest level of security for our clients’ intellectual property.

Global Business Innovation encompasses every department and aspect of Miller Tanner’s business model. An example of our latest technological advancement is implementing an UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) system so our clients and vendors can reach us anytime, anywhere on any device. The system encompasses telephone, text, instant messaging and video collaboration.

How Technology Has Transformed Medical Meetings

Advances in technology have benefited the bio-tech and pharma meeting process by making it more efficient for all involved. Gone are the days of receiving a faxed registration form, completing it and faxing it back. With Miller Tanner’s proprietary registration program, attendees register electronically, which is a huge timesaver and increases attendance. Our overall technology advancements have streamlined both the face-to-face and virtual meeting process by providing substantial return on investment in both time and cost savings benefits to our clients and attendees.

Miller Tanner created a new division in the fall of 2014 called Software Development. Our new in-house Software Development Team allows us to offer our clients a much more streamlined and secure system for event management. To date, our Software Development Team has developed a customized proprietary software program for event registration, mobile access, on-demand training and most recently, a learning management system.

Miller Tanner’s On Demand Trainer/Learning Management System, our newest service, combines repurposing the training sessions provided by our clients at face-to-face and virtual meetings with learning management features such as e-signatures and electronic training reports. Miller Tanner’s On Demand Trainer/Learning Management System was developed to support the FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11 requirements for e-signatures, electronic records and security. The system provides 24/7/365 customizable reporting for our clients.

For the end user, the On Demand Trainer/Learning Management System allows online 24/7/365 access to the training materials and media with options that include: ask the presenter questions; resetting assessment questions if the end user does not meet the client requirements of passing score; and printing their personal electronic training records (when they have met the criteria set by the client). Another service we included in 2015 was to provide the event attendee with the ability to request reimbursements for incidentals through a secure and electronic format.

MTA is fearless when it comes to trying new technology and we love to implement innovations that are efficient, cost-effective and, most importantly, create the highest level of customer satisfaction by leveraging ease of use.

Technology Must-Haves for Every Meeting

Every meeting should have the following technology tools to be successful:


The ability to access a meeting either in person or virtually from any device at any time anywhere will increase overall attendance and thus profitability. The traditional mobile workplace is more than just your home office. It’s anywhere you are.

Audience Engagement:

Making an event engaging has a positive effect on attendees’ motivation levels, determining what they learn and how much information they will retain. MTA’ s Mobile Web Site is a great example of features every event should include. We offer chat among attendees, ARS (Audience Response System), team-building and networking games.

Personalized Experience:

We all like to feel special. An easy way to accomplish this goal is to personalize the meeting experience and offer the very highest level of customer service. It can be something as simple as greeting a person by their name upon initial check-in having never met them before or presenting them with a customized amenity gift. By making an event a personalized experience, you will have a much higher customer satisfaction resulting in attendee retention and engagement by increasing conversations.

Real Time Data:

Receiving instant feedback will reveal how attendees are feeling while they’re in-session, or on-site. Attendees are much more likely to respond while still engaged at the event rather than filling out a survey later. Speaker evaluations, live polling, and event surveys help you know what’s working and what isn’t, so you are equipped with as much information as possible when planning the next event.

Miller Tanner Associates has always prided ourselves on offering the ultimate in customer service, the latest in technology and paramount security all while maintaining an excellent return on investment for our customers.

Interested in exploring the latest and greatest technology trends at your next meeting? We can help you choose the technology capabilities that best fit your meeting’s needs.