Event Technology to Boost Engagement During Presentations

Use Technology to Boost Engagement During Presentations

Studies suggest that every 15-20 minutes a listener’s mind wanders. In fact, 91 percent of business professionals admit to daydreaming during meetings and 39 percent confess to falling asleep, according to a “Meetings in America” study conducted by MCI.

Given these statistics, how can you be sure then that your audience is understanding your message and retaining the information you’ve worked so hard to deliver?

The meeting planning experts at Miller Tanner have a few proven ways guaranteed to make your presentation more engaging with the help of technology.

Go Bold (or go home) with an LED Screen

Use an LED Screen for Your Presentation

Your presentation is only as good as its display capabilities. So deliver it in a way that captures your audience using a dynamic LED screen.

You just can’t compare the clarity and vibrancy of an LED screen to a projector. The quality is unmatched.

What’s most impressive is that an LED screen has much greater versatility and resolution than your basic options. The presentation possibilities are virtually endless – from delivering highly-engaging video content to interactive Powerpoint and Prezi presentations displayed at scalable sizes. Visually-rich presentations boost engagement and knowledge retention. There’s no need for boring presentations ever again.

Use ARS to Interact with the Audience

Gone are the days of simply giving a speech. Your audience wants interaction. Use Audience Response System (ARS) to enhance your meeting’s engagement and launch your interaction. By using these small yet powerful devices, transform your presentation into a more interactive discussion. ARS offers real-time live discussions, instant feedback, and instant polling.

You can ask your audience questions in a wide variety of formats, such as multiple-choice, rating, text response, polling, voting and even fun game challenges, which are great for team building. These options add more exchange of thoughts and ideas within your presentation so you know that your message is getting through to your listener. Your audience will feel more involved and invested in the discussion and less likely to tune out your message.

Integrate the Latest Tech Tool

As event planners, our job is to find creative solutions to deliver a successful event or meeting. With your goals in mind, our team can determine the latest innovative technology solutions to ensure that your presentations don’t fall flat. We work with top-notch vendors to bring creative solutions to the stage so that you can have the best interaction with your audience…and have fun while doing it. Virtual reality (VR), hologram technology, Catchbox, and ARS are just a few of the options that you can use to design a presentation that will captivate and engage your audience.

Miller Tanner uses cutting-edge meeting technology

If you need the expertise to improve your presentations using the latest technology, our team can provide guidance. Contact our team today!