What is Event Management?

There is no shortage of points and details to remember when preparing for a successful conference, meeting, or other events. It can be nerve-wracking trying to get through an entire event without the proper planning and assistance. That is why the experts entrust the success of their events to experienced event management teams.

A dedicated event management team can improve any event, from in-person events to virtual and hybrid meetings, and those of every size, scope, and focus area.

But what exactly is event management? Event management is immersive event assistance that considers all elements of your events to help them succeed so you can relax and focus on what is important: your business. 

Here is a handy overview of how event management can make your next event a success. 

Event Management Is Event Planning

Event management is a process and service that goes by many names, and the providers and facilitators of event management also have a variety of nicknames:

  • Event planners;
  • Event managers;
  • Event coordinators;
  • Event technologists;
  • Project managers; and
  • Administrative assistants.

Essentially, event management encompasses all of the work required in the planning, execution, and follow-up of an event.

In many cases, organizations will partner with an event management business before beginning the planning process. Working with a professional event management team is one of the best ways to set your event up for success while minimizing the stress, expense, and time invested.

Different Aspects of Event Management

As you might guess, successful event management means balancing many different demands. Here are just a few of the many tasks that an event management team takes on.

Building the Perfect Event

Most events start with a simple vision or purpose. We craft a detailed event plan to articulate and consider each event element adequately. The core purpose of the event will help dictate the content of the event plan, including guest speakers, agendas, and the like. But that’s just the beginning.

When planning and managing an event, you must consider details such as:

  • Event design, theme, and branding
  • Agenda development
  • Managing attendee invitations 
  • Operations and logistics
  • Coordinating travel and accommodations
  • Sourcing location and venues
  • Developing an event website
  • Marketing design and creation
  • Making arrangements for vendors
  • Onsite staffing
  • Virtual event support 
  • Event technology customized plan and implementation
  • A/V production and speaker rehearsal
  • Data security and compliance 
  • Financial management and post-event reporting

And much more! Miller Tanner Associates can help plan your next event.

Promotion Across Channels with Automation

If your attendees don’t know about your event, how can you expect them to attend? An event manager will strategize your event promotion to improve your attendance rate for the best return on your event investment.

Managing Attendee Information and Communication

Depending on the purpose of your event, there will be different reasons (and methods) for organizing attendee details and coordinating communication. 

Measuring Your Success to Prove Event ROI

Finally, event management still carries on once the event itself is over. During and after the event, the planning/management team will work to gather pertinent data to inform future planning. You will be able to learn from attendee feedback and other metrics to determine how successful your event was and how you can improve in the future.

Virtual Event Management

Advancements in technology and changes in attendee needs and expectations have helped fuel the rising popularity of virtual events. And though there are certainly ways in which a virtual event can be “easier,” there are also many added challenges.

Managing a virtual event requires all of the same steps as standard event management, but there is also the matter of engaging an audience that isn’t actually in the same room. Event managers are equipped with the strategies and tools necessary to create and present captivating content while also navigating the different issues unique to the digital setting in which technology and production are essential for its success. Event managers also possess the extensive production expertise necessary for designing a unique virtual experience that meets your event goals. 

Hybrid Event Management

Hybrid events offer the best of both worlds, combining elements of in-person and virtual events to create something entirely new. Like virtual events, a hybrid event is best handled by a skilled manager who is well-equipped to juggle all details. Hybrid event managers will need to manage two different audiences and determine how to design an engaging shared event experience for both technology tools and flawless production to accommodate your audiences’ needs. Don’t juggle real-time and technical issues. Let a hybrid event manager help with your next event. 

Count on Our Expertise to Manage Your Next Event

You aren’t simply managing an event, you are crafting an experience, and although that’s not an easy task, it’s an endeavor worth undertaking, and thankfully one you don’t have to take alone. 

Miller Tanner Associates is an industry-leading provider of event management and planning. We serve a diverse client base with exceptional event solutions and services. Our talented team is composed of event planners, engineers, designers, software programmers, and experts in every relevant field. We have worked hard to devise innovative tools and technologies to keep every last detail for your event to succeed. 

Learn more about how our team can take your upcoming event to the next level. Contact Miller Tanner Associates for more event management information today!