3 Ways We Planned a Memorable Global Sales Event

Global Sales Meeting

We’ve planned over 2,500 events and no two events are ever alike. Events come in all types, each with a specific intent.  This is one of our favorite aspects of event planning – customizing your event to create an unforgettable experience for your attendees.

3 Ways We Planned a Memorable Global Sales Event


A lot of careful planning goes into creating an event that hits the mark. For this global sales event in Marbella, the space design, cultural activities and “room drop” gifts brought this event to life!

Space Design

One important, often overlooked, element of any successful event is the space design. To some people, it may just look like an ordinary space, but to our expert event planning team, designing a space is very intentional. The highlight for us as planners is seeing such spaces come to life!

“When you strategically think about how spaces are going to be used and how to maximize that usage, you begin to visualize how people will interact in those spaces you’ve created,” shares Global Event Director Gracie Fisher, who had a hand in creating the desired space design. For this event, we created an atmosphere that would engage the attendees while fostering meaningful interactions and networking opportunities.

And the intended use behind the space design certainly paid off. We observed a lot of small group conversations, and gatherings among attendees, as well as brainstorming and problem-solving beyond the formal meeting agenda. And the bonus – this interaction gave our clients a great return on their investment.

How we accomplished it:

The week was filled with casual settings designed to inspire conversation. On the final night, we coordinated a beachfront cocktail party in an open-air lounge with casual beachfront soft seating. The attendees enjoyed hours of mingling. It was a great opportunity to create synergy for the guests by having this experience together.

Cultural Emphasis

As planners, we strive to create experiences that transcend an event. One effective way to do this is by immersing the participants in the culture of the location. Another is the element of surprise. “We as MTA planners like to surprise the event attendees,” shares Gemma Plans, Global Service Director, who also played a lead role in planning this event.

How we accomplished it:

Given the proximity to Morocco, we gave the guests a taste of Moroccan culture with traditional Moroccan music, decor, and food. Throughout the week, we emphasized the cultural experience by including flamenco dancing and other Spanish entertainment. Guests enjoyed a Spanish Fiesta night and attended a traditional horse show, popular in Southern Spain.

 Room Drop Gifts

Marbella Spain

When customizing an event, the right gifts for the attendees add the perfect personal touch.  Our team of event experts sources a variety of themed gifts from which the client can choose based on budget.

How we accomplished it:

For this event, we honored the culture of Marbella. To welcome the attendees, each guest was greeted with a canvas beach bag filled with fresh, in-season Valencia oranges, along with other handy and meaningful items from the local region. Gift baskets were provided to attendees throughout the week that highlighted the vibrant culture of Southern Spain.

At this global sales event, the top sales associates were awarded an incentive trip to Mexico. Each recipient received a special gift basket filled with useful and festive items for their upcoming trip including a leather passport case, a destination guide, and of course, a piñata.

Customizing an event is key to creating an unforgettable experience that will WOW your attendees. We had so much fun planning this global sales event and customizing it for the attendees. Best of all, it was a huge success and we were honored to play a part in this event experience!

Space design, gifts, and cultural experiences certainly bring a special dynamic to your event. Let the Miller Tanner Team help personalize your next event by creating rich memories for your attendees that will last for years to come.