How to Beat Virtual Meeting Fatigue and Energize Your Audience

With months of meeting only virtually, are you beginning to experience “virtual meeting fatigue”? It’s actually a real thing, according to recent studies.

Two Common Causes of Virtual Meeting Fatigue

More Concentration Required

Recent Microsoft research suggests that “brainwave patterns associated with stress and overwork were much higher when collaborating remotely than in-person.” Basically, more concentration is required for a virtual conversation.

Being on a video chat requires more focus because a person has to work harder to process non-verbal cues such as facial expressions, body language and voice tone, according to a recent BBC interview with Gianpiero Petriglieri, an associate professor at Insead.

Overused Virtual Platforms and Technology

Additionally, because the typical “go-to” virtual platforms are available to the masses, virtual meetings have become stale and monotonous – seen one, seen them all. They lack engaging features that combat against the barrage of stagnant virtual experiences which inevitably lead to virtual meeting fatigue. 

But virtual meeting fatigue doesn’t have to be a hurdle. Miller Tanner Associates (MTA) has a comprehensive solution for both improving your participants’ focus and enhancing your meeting platform.

How to Create Elevated Virtual Experiences that Energize your Audience

MTA thinks outside the box of the typical virtual platforms to instead offer our clients an elevated virtual event experience using one or a combination of MTA’s many dynamic, engagement-driven virtual platform options to produce an event that keeps your audience focused and engaged. 

Platform Diving

No matter if you’re planning a basic webinar or a complex extended engagement portal, it’s not just about plugging into a virtual platform with all the best bells and whistles. It’s substantially more nuanced.

A successful virtual event requires a team of experts who have in-depth knowledge of various platforms and technology who can then curate and support an event production customized to meet your event’s specific goals.

Once we know the event’s goals, we can determine the types of features needed to customize for your specific audience, such as:

Need to showcase a sponsor? We can design key elements that enhance interaction between your sponsor/s and your audience.

Want to provide networking opportunities? Our team can build in features such as a “virtual handshake” that automatically connects audience members together based on commonalities.

Have multiple speakers in various locations that need to present? We can pre-record presentations and stream into one seamless production.

Want to elevate your branding within the platform? Our team can custom design a branded platform and speakers’ backgrounds that align with your brand, add continuity, and reinforce professional quality.

Interested in engaging your audience in a unique and different way? No problem. Our creative team has a host of unique gaming and entertainment options as well as interactive features designed to activate engagement from your audience.

Have a lot of content to cover but need to keep your live virtual event short? You can deliver content in advance of your event using our learning management system, VALTs (Virtual Assessment Learning and Training Source.

These are just a few of the many options available to create an elevated virtual solution that’s tailor-designed for your audience and aligned with your event goals.

Shift your boring virtual meetings to a more dynamic, engaging virtual experiences with MTA. Contact us today for a demo of our elevated event options.  




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