5 Reasons CSR Events Matter

Make an Impact at Your Next Event with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

For the past 20 years, Miller Tanner Associates (MTA) has brought our global team together for training and team building at our annual MTA Workshop. One of the highlights of this time together is our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project. Every year, our team dedicates part of the day to work together on a project that benefits the local community. Take a look at our recap highlighting this year’s project:

Why CSR Matters

With our team dispersed across the globe, it’s an important opportunity to connect with each other and also with the community at large and the needs of those around us. It’s become a foundational and favorite component of our own Global Workshop and our company culture as a whole.

We asked our team of event experts why CSR is important to them and why it’s an asset for ANY company event. Here’s what they said:

1). Creates a Memorable Experience Together

Our task was to clean and paint the dining room and furniture, and it was neat to see how everyone quickly offered their expertise to create a plan. Some had experience in refinishing furniture; some liked cleaning; others were great at taping; some helped with the heavy lifting; others took to the paint brushes. Throughout the project, we all contributed methods and ideas from our own life experience and got to know each other better while doing it! The opportunity to get to know another team member while serving alongside them is unique. It creates a memorable bond – one that began with the focus on someone else’s betterment rather than your own.Carolyn Hendricks, Global Event Specialist/Special Projects

2). Strengthens Comradery and Team Building

I think it’s awesome that Marnie, our founder, has CSR activities at the workshops.  I enjoy working alongside co-workers because it gives me a chance to see them in a different light that I typically don’t see when working together. Lori Flicek, Accounting Manager

I believe other companies could learn more about their staff and their company as a whole if they participated in these programs.  It is a great team-building exercise with the bonus of helping others.Wynema Ware, Lead BT Specialist

It definitely brings a company together because most of the time we all work in different departments, and don’t interact regularly based on the different roles we play.  However, in a CSR project, you come alongside individuals that you probably have never had a real conversation with, and that’s where the bonding can happen.  I think that the bond that is created allows you to become more productive in your day-to-day position. – Carla Mahlberg, Technical Projects Lead

The MTA team assembling gift baskets to benefit a local children's hospital at our 2016 Workshop.

Our team assembling gift baskets to benefit a local children’s hospital at our 2016 Workshop.

The laughter, the purpose behind the project, and the spontaneous jumping in to offer aid to the others whether if it is bringing water to thirsty colleagues or carrying heavy stuff. I also enjoyed finding out secret skills from some of the folks – such as nice handwriting or technique at repairing wood. – Gemma Plans, Global Service Director

It is great to be able to work with colleagues in a different way and on a different project than our regular work. I think you see a different side to people which can help your working relationship. – Natalie Lowndes, Global Event Director

These projects have provided an opportunity to get to know others on a personal level and not just through business. – Bonnie Sheets, Global Event Director

3). Gain a Sense of Accomplishment (Both Individually and as a Team)

It was amazing to see how much work we were able to accomplish as a group. It gives one a sense of pride, job well done, and feeling that every little effort goes a long way. I think it is important for companies that have been as blessed as MTA to do something for others. It really creates a feeling of community – both locally and abroad. – Julie Hacker, Global Service Director

The MTA team helping with painting and repairs at a children's facility at our 2017 Workshop.

Our team helping with painting and repairs at a children’s facility at our 2017 Workshop.

CSR reminds me that many hands make light work, and a big impact. I am always amazed by the scope of influence we have as a group, and how much we can accomplish. I’m also encouraged by the generosity of our MTA team – it speaks to the depth of character and genuine kindness of our employees. – Carolyn Hendricks, Global Event Specialist/Special Projects

CSR projects show the true team spirit of MTA and demonstrate what hard workers we have at MTA.  Give us the task and we just do it.  Whether it was decorating, painting, scraping, or repairing, we went to work. – Wynema Ware, Lead BT Specialist

4). Inspires Gratitude

I love being able to contribute to a project locally in the city where we have our MTA Workshop, this makes me feel more connected to the community and the needs they have. Whether it is building bikes for children or painting an office it is so fulfilling to see how much many hands can do together when they have time and resources. I have enjoyed every minute we have dedicated to the CSR projects with MTA – memorable moments with the local communities and MTA colleagues, being grateful for what we have and seeing graciousness in the others. They say “we are what we do” and doing good for others makes us and everyone else feel better and little bit happier.Gemma Plans, Global Service Director

The MTA team participating in the Build-A-Bike project at the MTA 2015 Workshop.

Our team participating in the Build-A-Bike project at the MTA 2015 Workshop.

5). Makes a Difference

Participating as a company in CSR projects makes a strong bond for all employees by providing a common goal.  It makes one realize that making the bottom line is very important to a company but giving to others, gives one satisfaction on a different level.  In the end, I feel that it brings all employees together for the common good of the company. – Bonnie Sheets, Global Event Director

MTA donated 7,050 school meals through the Feed Projects at this year's MTA Workshop.

MTA donated 7,050 school meals through the Feed Projects at this year’s MTA Workshop.

I love how at every workshop, Marnie plays a video about living a life in such a way that impacts the entire world.  This is what the CSR projects are all about – leaving behind a legacy.  MTA will always be remembered for its generosity and that is because of Marnie’s heart.  I wish I could do a CSR project all the time.  When one says “Thank you”, you can’t help but feel like you have made a difference.  This is what life is about, in my opinion. We were put here to make a difference whether big or small. – Carla Mahlberg, Technical Projects Lead

Transform your event with CSR! Miller Tanner Associates can help you find a rewarding CSR project that best suits your teams and your event!