Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


Thinking Outside Ourselves

A number of ripples can become a surfable wave. When a small deed is multiplied by the roster of an event the results are momentum toward change.

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Internal Initiatives

with great power comes great (social) responsibility

Most of the time, the phrase "it's what we've always done," isn't good. But for more than twenty-five years, we've gathered at our annual company workshop to not just talk shop, but to use the power of our team to make a difference. It's just what we've always done.

best. day off. ever.

At MTA, each employee annually receives two additional paid days off to volunteer. How do we spend this time? See for yourself...

The Finance Team along with MTA's CEO, Marnie Miller Battistini spent the day volunteering with Nurses for Newborns of Tennessee. Leave it to the MTA Finance Team and CEO to get things done - organizing baby items and clothing, building shelving, and spending time giving back to the local community.

About Nurses for Newborns: NFN serves families in Middle Tennessee who need support around their pregnancy and care for their newborn with a goal to prevent infant mortality, child abuse and neglect.

Service with Soul at MTA means many things to our team, one of them being the opportunity to give back to our local communities. We value the volunteer hours we are provided each quarter to serve others, and those of us who live close to one another plan a team CSR to use some of our hours together.
— Melanie Riddick, MTA Finance Team

Activating Our Customers

what's good for the goose (is also for good)

We don't just do our own CSR activities and leave it at that. We like to preach what we practice. We activate attendees as much as we plan their experience. We believe that a truly powerful event is one that looks outside itself.

Our CSR Approach

strategy first
strategy first
Examine the goals of your event. Align your CSR efforts to reinforce your messaging.
locally sourced
Locally Sourced
The most effective and efficient CSR effort directly involves the locality where your event takes place
locally sourced
Action Oriented
Walk the walk. When a CSR effort involves the act of doing, it not only helps others, but builds your team.
mission aligned
Mission Aligned
What does your organization believe in? Align CSR activities for all your events to your mission.
Meeting with Meaning

See how our customers are integrating CSR into their events...

As part of our customer's Global Commercial Leadership Meeting, the MTA team designed a collaborative CSR team building event supporting the Jack and Jill of America Foundation. Through this CSR activity, 150 attendees participated in friendly competition in which they had to work together in small groups to create country-themed Lego® projects.

About the Jack and Jill of America Foundation: the mission of JJOAF is to invest in programs and services that create a strong foundation for children to thrive long-term. We believe that every child deserves access to quality education, healthcare, and a safe and nurturing environment.

Core Values

What we believe and why

Actions speak louder than words, but words lead the way and illuminate the path.

Creatively Agile
Teaming With Trust
Talent Empowered
Clarity Of Character
Service With Soul

Let's Do Some Good

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