Proactive Planning through Partnership Yields Hybrid Success

hybrid events

The Event:  

A pharmaceutical company came to MTA to plan an extensive hybrid investigator meeting series including North America, South America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.  


Feedback from the initial event debrief offered an opportunity for the MTA team to invite the customer team to the table as partners in planning the Europe (EU) and Asia Pacific (APAC) meetings. The MTA team assessed where we could strive towards better excellence moving forward with the EU and APAC programs while also guiding the client team through alignment to ensure a successful series.  


  • This event series showcased the customer team and the MTA team coming together in partnership with the goal of ensuring that the EU and APAC events were successful.  
  • Clear communication: Effective communication was a cornerstone of our partnership with the customer. We established regular communication channels to ensure everyone was on the same page throughout the planning process. This allowed us to address any concerns or issues promptly before they could escalate. 
  • Well-defined goals: From the outset, we worked closely with the customer to establish clear and measurable goals for the project. This helped us to align our efforts with their expectations and ensure that we were delivering value at every stage of the process. 
  • Robust processes: We followed a structured and systematic approach, with well-defined processes for each stage of event planning. This helped to ensure consistency and quality throughout the project and allowed us to identify and address any issues early on. 
  • Strong customer partnership: We worked closely with the customer throughout the planning phase, fostering a strong partnership that allowed us to understand their needs and objectives in-depth for a more successful collaboration. This helped us to tailor our approach and deliver a solution that truly met their needs. 
  • As a result, the EU and APAC programs were incredibly successful.  

EU Program 

  • Customer feedback to the MTA Global Experiences Team: “implemented a seamless event and was incredible to work with during pre-planning and onsite.” 
  • The customer received excellent reviews from site staff. 
  • The customer team and MTA team shared feedback in the post-event debrief to continue to strengthen the partnership. 
  • Given the success of this program, the customer team was excited to work with MTA’s team on the APAC program in the series.  

APAC program 

  • The final investigator meeting in Hong Kong was a resounding success thanks to the collaborative partnership with our customer resulting in careful planning and flawless event execution by our team. 
  • “Thank you for delivering another well-planned & coordinated investigator meeting in Hong Kong.  There was seamless upfront planning with Pia and Natalia – thinking of every need and addressing all our concern. The on-ground team of Carrie and Natalia were just superb and there was flawless coordination and execution. The production team with Tamas in lead were just exceptional.  Kudos to entire MTA team for job so well done.  The meeting venue, hotel, food, overall staff & service – everything was top-notch.  I can’t think of anything that could have been done better.   Thank you and we look forward to working with you all in the future.” – Customer 

In summary, our success in exceeding the customer’s expectations was driven by clear communication, well-defined goals, robust processes, and a strong customer partnership. We believe that these factors are key to any successful event and we look forward to continuing to deliver exceptional events for our customers in the future.