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Event Planners for President's Club, Gold Circle Club Meetings

For the sales executives that reach the respected ranks of President’s Club or Gold Circle Club, there’s certainly a considerable amount of honor in merely achieving the title. But as you’d imagine, having an incredible event planned as a thank you for all their hard work is a huge motivator as well. Hitting the perfect balance of appreciation, fun, and productivity can result in a memorable event experience that motivates your entire team through yet another blockbuster year.

At Miller Tanner Associates, we understand precisely how meaningful recognition events are for both you and your high performers. Our years of experience in professional event planning and management have made us uniquely equipped to serve your needs for every occasion imaginable, and that includes putting together a President’s Club Meeting that’s everything your sales leaders want and deserve.

we understand precisely how meaningful recognition events are for both you and your high performers

What is A President’s Club?

President’s Club, also often referred to as Gold Circle Club or Chairman’s Club, is your organization’s opportunity to recognize your best and brightest salespeople. Designed to celebrate the achievements of top-performing sales team members, these recognition events are a combination of a leaders’ meeting and an incentive for outstanding work.

Ways to Organize A Successful Recognition Event

Choose an Outstanding Meeting Location

Although it might be tempting to select the nearest five-star resort as your meeting location, making the right decision requires far more thought and effort. Consider what your sales leaders want – is it a high-energy adventure, a relaxing retreat, or a casual get-together? Take advantage of every opportunity to upgrade the getaway with exclusive experiences like private tours and unique excursions. Announcing the location during the Awards Ceremony further elevates suspense and excitement ahead of recognizing the award winners.

Make the Attendee Awards Ceremony Something Truly Special

The goal of a President’s Club or Gold Circle Club or Chairman’s Club is to show your top performers how much they’re appreciated, so you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of the awards ceremony. The awards ceremony is often held during the Global or Regional Sales Meeting whereby the high performers for various categories of awards are recognized in front of their peers. Plan a special event with thoughtful touches like introducing each award winner through their direct manager saying a few words, professional photographers to capture the award winners both individually and as a group once all winners are announced, and even personalized gifts for each employee.

Curate Thoughtful, Personalized Experiences

Ultimately, the secret to an incredible recognition event is to put your team members first. Before beginning planning, send out a short questionnaire to learn more about their unique interests and preferences, so you’re well-prepared to shape experiences tailored for them. Allowing your award winners to bring a +1 (guest) is also recommended, as their +1 most likely provided them additional support and encouragement. Providing a personalized welcome package, having a gifting suite, and also building in some downtime within the event further enhances the experience for your team.

Host Exceptional Recognition Events with Help from the Experts

Recognition events are among the most valuable experiences you can provide for your staff, keeping them engaged, motivated, and ready to lead your organization to victory. When you’re planning a President’s Club, Chairman’s Club, or Gold Circle Meeting, the last thing you want to do is miss the opportunity to host an event that will surprise your executives. Luckily, with Miller Tanner Associates by your side, you can count on it being a success.

For more information about how to host a professional recognition event that will get your top earners excited about the year ahead, contact the expert event planners at Miller Tanner Associates.

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