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Icelandic Incentive Trip

An Inspired Location Offers Connection and Rejuvenation

The Event

  • A distinctive incentive trip for a company’s 25th anniversary celebration to bring a global team of 43 members together to connect and rejuvenate post-pandemic. 

The Challenge

  • The location/destination needed to satisfy a variety of criteria:
    • novel and unique location with a focus on nature and rejuvenation.  
    • access to versatile outdoor activities and excursions to explore. 
    • easy travel access for a global team from both the US and EU to come together safely. 
    • budget-friendly with the opportunity to offer extended stays as a reward for years of service. 

The Results

  • Given the goals, our sourcing team determined Iceland to be the ideal location for this 4-day celebratory incentive trip. 
  • The team was welcomed to Iceland with an ATV excursion exploring the thrilling volcanic landscape of Reykjanes.   
  • Casual welcome picnic – food trucks, campfire, music, and time to reconnect.  
  • Intentional, specialty gifting including customized water bottle, monogrammed vest, and a backpack ideal for the week’s activities. 
  • A day of excursions and sightseeing including fjords, waterfalls, hot springs, and the highlands of Kaldidalur. 
  • A ride in the Sleipnir monster truck, the largest glacier vehicle in the world, up to the glacier ice caps.
  • A day of thrilling ice climbing, glacier rafting, snowmobiling, and additional activities as well as a BBQ lunch and hot drink bar. 
  • A one-of-a-kind awards celebration designed with a buildable stage feature atop the glacier. 
  • Memorable, tailored team-bonding excursions for each department:  
    • Visiting the Golden Circle, Þingvellir National Park, an erupting geyser, and the Gullfoss waterfall with stops around farms for a unique taste of Iceland. 
    • Hiking Mt. Hengill volcano, enjoying the geothermal rivers, and touring the underground lava tunnels.  
    • Visiting the iconic Blue Lagoon and participating in a traditional Icelandic culinary arts experience.  
  • A whale-watching excursion aboard a privately chartered boat followed by lunch at a historic fishing village restaurant.   
  • CSR event working with the leading Icelandic non-profit Blái herinn, Blue Army, to clean up beaches and coastline polluted by plastics from marine traffic.  
  • The final farewell event at the beautiful Harpa Concert Hall for an intimate dinner filled with special small touches to make a big impact.  
  • Inspirational Icelandic Experience
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How do you put these experiences into words? You don’t, you carry them with you every single day. You let them bleed into your work, your co-workers, your clients, and your mission.

— Attendee, Icelandic Incentive Trip

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