Success Story


Safety and Complexity in a Clinical Trial

A Study in Hybrid

The Event

  • A series of three complex trainings for a study trial, via our hybrid event format. The studies were to take place in Lagos, Nigeria; Cairo, Egypt; and Accra, Ghana.

The Challenge

  • Training Complexity: execute a complex study training agenda, within a 4-week timeline, with a hybrid audience located in three different countries that requires hands-on training and the need for live interactive video with tech support.
  • Pandemic Safety Considerations: accommodate the Covid-19 pandemic safety guidelines including cleaning protocols, hotel space for adequate social distancing, and PPE.
  • Pediatric Attendees: acquire specific equipment required for pediatric patient attendees.
  • Multiple Time Zones: craft a virtual agenda that successfully crosses multiple time zones including Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States.
  • Local Political Unrest in Host City: adroitly reschedule the meeting due to political unrest and implement additional safety and security protocols.

The Results

  • Implementing an extensive, customized safety and security plan to ensure the safety of the attendees — addressing both the pandemic and political unrest.
  • Utilizing a specialized video set up, which allowed remote trainers to instruct and observe the sonographer trainees in real-time using video recording glasses as well as a separate system to transmit sonography images. 
  • Pivoting to cancel with less than 18 hours to the event, avoiding any attendees traveling and compromising their safety.
  • Within 72 hours of canceling, managing a fully rescheduled meeting 30 days later without incurring any hotel cancellation fees.
  • Applying the successes from the Lagos, Nigeria training to the training program series in Cairo, Egypt, and Accra, Ghana.
  • Completing the event with no cases of COVID-19 and no incidents during the civil unrest.
  • A Study in Hybrid
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“What a huge success! Thank you to the entire MTA team for all of the hard work that went into this training meeting. This meeting really pushed the limits of thinking outside of the box and meeting planning, and you guys were amazing every step of the way! Please forward this message on to the local teams as well.  Big round of applause for everyone.”

– Hybrid Event Customer

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