Success Story: How VALTs Delivered Tailored Training to 2,500+ HCPs for an International Study Series

The Event: 

Our customer, a pharmaceutical company, launched a series of international studies with the goal to ensure that all study sites, study coordinators, and/or HCPs involved had access to: 

  • all training content housed within a secure online system 
  • content management system with ease-of-use capabilities such as customizable learning plans, electronic signature, reporting and tracking 
  • weekly updates throughout the duration of the studies  
  • ongoing engagement in the training beyond the initial investigator meeting 
  • administrative dashboard to effortlessly manage and update all content and designate assigned users for a customized training experience 

The Solution:  

Using MTA’s proprietary tool, VALTs Virtual Assessment Learning and Training Source, our team designed a robust online system for managing our customer’s training content that met all requirements as defined by the customer. 

The Results:  

  • Using VALTs over a three-year period, our customer has captured and managed content for 8 studies and counting. 
  • Within VALTs, over 2,500 users have access to 77 individually customized catalogs assigned to distinguished users and over 548 presentations. Catalogs are designated by country, by role, and blinded/unblinded for a customized training experience.  
  • Content included in these catalogs consists of both video and documentation such as memos, manuals, study documents, monthly newsletters, protocol updates, study logs, protocols, SIV training, and internal training.  
  • VALTs content accommodates users from all over the globe and includes 33 countries in North and South America, APAC and Europe. 
  • China and Japan studies include simultaneous interpretation, captured, and edited in native language and added to the VALTs catalog.  
  • This is MTA’s largest-built and longest-running VALTs to date. Its success is largely due to the partnership with our customer, working together to engage the users by updating content consistently and frequently.  

“Finding a solution that provided our customer with one point to access the data across multiple studies and sites with a lot of crossover between studies resulted in measurable success on many levels.” Meredeth Brower, Product Lead, MTA Technology Services