Success Story: In-Person Event Pivots to Virtual & Expands Reach by 2,100%

The Event:

The Everygirls Rise: A Career Empowerment Conference Powered by La Marca Prosecco

About The Everygirls Rise Virtual Conference: The Everygirl Media Group presents its 2020 online conference experience, powered by La Marca Prosecco—a virtual career empowerment and networking event (featuring the talents, leadership, and expertise of inspiring women across industries).

About The Everygirl Media Group: By offering detailed in-depth features, career profiles, relatable first-hand accounts, and how-to guides, The Everygirl inspires women toward leading a well-rounded, financially sound, and stylish life.

The Challenges:

Annually, The Everygirl Media Group (The Everygirl) hosts two career empowerment face-to-face (F2F) regional events in North America; one in Chicago, Illinois and the other in Atlanta, Georgia.  Pre-COVID, the average F2F size was 75-100 attendees per event. Due to the pandemic, The Everygirl considered cancelling their annual event; however, they decided to explore their virtual options to engage their membership and continue to achieve their company goals.

Desiring to keep the ascetic quality of The Everygirl F2F event, as well as continue to provide networking capabilities, both essential to The Everygirl brand, The Everygirl needed virtual technology with an integrative platform that would deliver on multiple fronts.  In addition, The Everygirl needed a team of virtual event experts to manage and produce the event from beginning to end.

After doing a quick internet search, The Everygirl discovered Miller Tanner Associates (MTA) and their Global Experience Team. The Everygirl hired MTA to curate a virtual event series that would engage and activate networking opportunities for The Everygirl members and generate brand awareness for The Everygirl event sponsor, La Marca Prosecco.  

The Results:

Using the best-in-class virtual technology options, MTA’s expert Global Experience Team worked closely with The Everygirl to design and deliver a flawlessly executed virtual experience for 2300+ remote attendees from the United States and expanding across the world to include: United Arab Emirates; Argentina; Australia; Buenos Aires; Barbados; Switzerland; Canada; Cameroon; Germany; Spain; France; Great Britain; British Virgin Islands; Ghana; Greece; Guatemala; Croatia; Hungary; Indonesia; Ireland; Israel; Iceland; Italy; Japan; Kenya; Columbia; Kuwait; Latvia; Mexico; Malaysia; Nigeria; Nepal; New Zealand; Republic of Panama; The Philippines; India; Puerto Rico; Russia; Sweden; Singapore; The Caribbean; Ukraine; Zimbabwe; and South Africa.

By switching “The Everygirls Rise” event from a F2F event to a virtual event, the first virtual event realized 900 attendees in the remote audience and the second virtual event realized 1400 attendees in the remote audience for an increased audience ratio of 2100 percent total combined.

The virtual nature of this event resulted in the increased attendance due to the convenience of joining the event from any location and at the reduced cost.  The Everygirl gained global brand exposure and maximized their brand awareness, as well as their sponsor’s brand, with final remote audience participation from five additional continents outside North America including Asia, Europe, Australia, South America, and Africa.  

Planning the Overall Experience

Based on the desired goals of the event, the MTA team created an elevated virtual platform using features that offered engagement, networking, and sponsorship opportunities that closely aligned with The Everygirls legacy F2F experience.

Sponsor’s Experience:

The event sponsor gained extensive brand exposure with the assistance of the MTA team. The MTA team designed an interactive experience to include sponsorship commercials; engaging content; opportunity to direct sponsor product purchases; sponsor-led panel moderation; and widgets to interact with the integrated sponsor website. As a result of the virtual event, the sponsor’s brand had exponential reach.

Attendees’ Experience:

The goals for the attendees included participation in career empowerment and personal fulfillment panels, professional guidance, and networking opportunities amongst peers.  Attendees included entrepreneurs, creative content creators, and corporate leaders.

Our team designed an experience that mirrored that of an in-person event including a “handshake” feature, a networking option for attendees to identify mentors/like-minded individuals digitally; a social wall for attendees to connect; and interaction with the sponsor’s content within the platform.

Client’s Experience:

The MTA team created an entirely fresh new branding suite for the virtual event including customized graphics, enhanced visuals, and branded video templates; built a branded platform that would elevate the overall experience and create continuity with previous in-person events.

Presenters’ Experience:

The MTA team provided speaker training, technology consulting and technical rehearsals to ensure that all speakers’ background/lighting was optimal, that they were well prepared and understood the technology.

Further, MTA designed customized virtual speaker backgrounds.  The background was designed for consistency and to emphasize event branding. MTA also created a show flow, provided guidance for the script, and an optimized 3-hour agenda that would be most impactful for the virtual attendees.

Users’ Experience:

The MTA team built out a platform that was mobile and desktop-friendly with features designed to enhance the experience for speakers, attendees, as well as for sponsor.  

Within the platform, users had access to the following:

Downloadable content including:

  • Spotify playlist
  • Career empowerment planning guide
  • Course discount codes

Audience engagement features:

  • The Everygirl Media Group and La Marca Prosecco website links
  • La Marca Cocktails: Recipes for 2 Featured La Marca Cocktails
  • Sponsor discount
  • Panelists’ bios
  • Digital Swag Bag: including a Career Guide, Everygirls Rise productivity playlist, screen downloads, and a discount code for The Everygirl Courses
  • Networking and chat functionality

“The Everygirls Rise” Event Conference app provided additional features:

  • SHAKE: a next-level networking experience. Simply exchange profiles with a click of a button.
  • Social Photo Wall: Post to the Social Photo Wall via mobile within the app!

Day of Event

The day of the event, MTA managed the attendee experience, the platform technology and the live stream of panel discussions and live moderation.  The MTA production experts executed a flawless event that consisted of multiple panelists, a moderator, as well as engagement features for the audience. The MTA production team seamlessly streamed all live presentations into two 3-hour shows designed to keep the 2300 attendees captivated throughout both events.    

Client Feedback

“Never been a part of anything so smooth and organized to this level.” – panelist (speaker)

From Joyce Chen, Marketing Director, E & J Gallo Winery (Lamarca Prosecco), Instagram:

WHEW! This is the release of adrenaline  after La Marca Prosecco x The Everygirl virtual RISE women’s empowerment conference season is done…We are so amazed that over 2,300 women from over 10 countries decided to tune in & celebrate a community of women virtually this year. We feel so humbled that all of you wonderful humans welcomed @lamarcaprosecco  @theeverygirl and our amazing women of panelists into your home. We are so inspired that through the app & social wall, you all chose to lift each other up and create community in these trying times. These are the days I pinch myself when work has a greater purpose beyond the bottle. For that, I am so moved and never want to take this moment for granted. Thank you to the team at Everygirl, @miller_tanner_associates and the amazing women on my team who I am proud to serve. They are the tireless MVPs who make this all happen…