Travel News Roundup

Travel News Roundup

We’ve got some of the latest travel news for you on the blog today in our Travel Roundup from around the world.

 Airport Security to Stop Accepting Driver’s Licenses as ID in 9 States


The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will be enforcing states to comply with the Real ID Act. Find out how this could impact your travel in 9 states. Read more.

PreCheck Program

TSA is making some changes to its PreCheck program. To keep PreCheck lines short, the TSA is getting strict about who can use them. Find out what you need to know to take advantage of this program. Read more.

 MTA’s Emergency Backup


In pre-planning for MTA events, our team puts in place our traditional emergency backup plans to address security, weather and any unforeseen event that might occur. Unfortunately, a weather emergency occurred at a recent event leaving a number of meeting participants stranded, resulting in a three-hour drive for the meeting participants. Fortunately, because we had our emergency weather plan in place, we were able to easily transfer all meeting participants without further delay or worry. Read more. 

Argentina Refunds Value Added Tax

In an effort to attract more visitors to Argentina, an executive order has been put in place to reimburse foreign tourists on all value-added tax paid on hotel services. This is another great reason to consider Argentina for your next meeting or event. Read more.

Australia Airports Eliminate Passports

Facial, iris and/or fingerprint recognition technologies will soon replace passports, making paper travel documents a thing of the past for Australia airports.  Read more. 

U.S. Travelers May Soon Need a Visa for European Travel

U. S. Travelers may soon need a visa to visit France, Italy, Spain, or any of the 28 European Union countries. Read more.

Incentive Travel is on the Rise

With incentive travel being a top motivator for the workforce, it’s quickly making a comeback. Read more. 

Business Travel Tips

And be sure you check out our business travel tips from our Miller Tanner travel experts.

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