Virtual Events: Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about virtual events? We have answers.

Q: Is virtual really the best option for my canceled meeting?

A: Virtual event solutions are a very effective alternative to a canceled face-to-face event. Even when you can’t meet face-to-face, our virtual solutions offer an option to deliver your message to a virtually-engaged audience. 

Q: Why should I use Miller Tanner Associates (MTA) for my virtual event? 

A: We have over 10 years of virtual event planning experience. With a virtual event planned and managed by Miller Tanner Associates, your organization can streamline everything from staff training to annual investor recaps. We have created an innovative approach to virtual event planning and management that is focused on delivering a fully-tailored experience that suits your individual needs and goals. Years of experience have taught us exactly what works in the virtual event space. Now, we are able to make virtual events as powerful as meeting face-to-face.

Q: How are your virtual solutions and planning processes different from others?

A: Our approach is to partner throughout the process to plan your virtual event experience. First, our team identifies your virtual event goals so that we can recommend the best technologies for your virtual needs. Platforms are not one-size-fits-all when it comes to virtual meetings and it takes expertise to determine the best fit for your specific event goals.

Secondly, we guide you through the entire virtual event planning process and can assist with everything from managing registration, providing redundant systems, optimizing your presentation materials, coaching your presenters, creating an effective agenda, providing tech support, and ensuring audience engagement throughout the event production. 

Q: How many attendees can participate in a virtual meeting?

A: There is no limit restriction for the number of participants for a virtual event. 

Q: Will I have to “go it alone” during the virtual broadcast?

A: We have a team of experts working alongside you to provide technical and practical support throughout the duration of your virtual event. 

Q: What if I lose audio or video during an event? 

A: MTA’s support will provide assistance to make sure your virtual event runs smoothly.  If it is a system issue, MTA will work diligently to get everything up and running. We have specific processes in place to avoid and remedy any issues that a participant or presenter might have when participating in a virtual event. 

Q:  What about security for my virtual event?

A: Because of our expertise and security parameters, your event is secure. Our systems are geographically disparate and resilient. We use established and constant internal auditing processes. Individuals are issued unique credentials for virtual meeting access. Security is paramount for each and every event that we host. 

A: This is an important differentiator for clients in the life sciences industry. However, many other industries find it supports their requirements as well.  As part of our virtual event solutions, we developed a proprietary tool VALTs (Virtual Assessment Learning and Training Source) which supports 21 CFR Part 11 requirements such as trustworthy e-signature and reliable electronic records with associated audit trails.  Through our dynamic client reporting, clients can monitor training completions and produce electronic training records for their files through a secure system.

Q: Will I know who attended? 

A: MTA provides post-event reporting that will identify the attendee by the unique URL they were provided when registering. This will show the client who attended from registration and the duration they were in attendance.

Q: How do I keep attendees engaged throughout my virtual event?

A: This is one benefit of having a professional meeting planner support your virtual event. With over 10 years of experience in virtual event planning, Miller Tanner Associates has developed best practices and a variety of strategies to ensure that your virtual event is engaging and interactive. Once we understand your event goals, our team designs an event that keeps your audience attentive and captivated throughout every session. 

Let our team of expert planners handle the details from start to end. Are you ready to get started planning your virtual event? Contact our team to learn more about how we can support your virtual experience.