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We’ve learned a lot about planning, managing and executing successful meetings over the course of two decades and 2,900+ events. On this blog, we share insights, tips and best practices for creating extraordinary event experiences… and some other fun stuff too. Enjoy!


Transform Your “Bored” Meeting to a Board Meeting

Board Meeting (1)

By | November 06, 2018

From “Bored Meetings” to Board Meetings Every minute something is changing somewhere;  technology is prevailing over “we’ve always done it this way”.  Since that is true, why not shake things up starting with your usual and customary processes?  Oh wait, here come the reasons: It costs too much It takes too much time My team won’t buy into it

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Calculating Your Event Costs

By | March 13, 2018

Sometimes you just want the answer; you want a shortcut; you want to get straight to the point.  Sometimes you need to go from A to Z quickly, without a bunch of chatter in between. At Miller Tanner Associates we work very hard to make your life easier.  We try to anticipate your needs before you are even able to articulate them!

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3 Ways We Can Help in Any Event

3 Ways we help in any event

By | February 20, 2018

Who does not like to be recognized for a job well done?  Being a “Top Performer”?  Called out as a team member of excellence?  Hardly anyone, that I can think of at least!  We all like to see our accomplishments noted and appreciated.  If you are one of the lucky ones, you may even be gifted a trip of a lifetime to say THANK YOU for your hard work and efforts.  If you are not one of the lucky ones, well, work hard and better luck next year.  If you are...

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Top 10 Global Corporate Event Destinations for 2016

By | January 06, 2016

Not sure where to host your next corporate meeting or event? We have the answer! Miller Tanner's guide to the top international business destinations for 2016. We compiled this list based on culture, location, budget and more.

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