How To Boost Your Brand Internally With 3 Events

How to Boost Your Brand Internally

It’s a new year! And that means it’s the perfect time to set new company goals for your internal teams – whether it’s to launch new products, energize your employees, or generate brand awareness within various departments. 

From an events industry perspective with over 19 years of event planning experience, Miller Tanner offers three innovative ways to boost your company’s brand internally.  Get the new year started in the right direction and accomplish those 2017 goals by implementing a strategy that includes one of these types of corporate events:

3 Events That Can Boost Your Brand Internally

  • Global Sales Meetings
  • Product Launch
  • President’s Club/Incentive Travel
Global Sales Meetings to Boost Your Brand

 Global Sales Meetings

What is it? A Global Sales Meeting is an excellent opportunity for a corporation to gather their business development teams from across the world in one location to kick off the year.

Benefits: This type of meeting provides the opportunity to share updates from the executives, discuss overall strategy and team goals, participate in training, create bonds over team building activities, inspire through guest speakers, and give recognition through awards ceremonies. The possibilities and benefits are endless, and these meetings provide a great platform for a team’s success.

How an event planner can help: MTA’s Global Events Team can be involved in every step of the way and in every detail starting with selecting the location, creating a theme, choosing specialty gifts, and managing all registration, transportation, accommodations, and special activities. Or we can provide an “à la carte” option tailoring our expertise where it’s most needed. One of the many benefits of hiring a corporate event planner – aside from our vast expertise, we are flexible and can customize our involvement for each client and event to create the best partnership.

Product Launch Events Can Improve Brand Knowledge

Product Launch

What is it? A Product Launch can vary across the board on the type of event and the type of attendees – some might be a celebration and exposure for new customers, while others might be an educational/training launch for sales teams to begin to sell the company’s new product. A product launch provides a great opportunity for your company to educate, strategize and create the best theme and brand representation.

Benefits: Your employees are one of your best assets when it comes to promoting your product. “Each and every one of your employees is a brand ambassador,” according to Burton Goldfield, President, and CEO of TriNet. When you create an emotional connection with your product or brand internally among your employees, they are far more likely to extend that brand enthusiasm and connection outside of your company to your clients and customers. Selling the brand internally can lead to a more successful public product launch.

How an event planner can help: Every detail can make a big impact and an event of this magnitude should be left to the professional planners to make sure it is seamless. MTA loves to have a seat at the table to use our creativity and connections to contribute to the strategy, planning and success.

President's Club or Incentive Travel Programs can Create Awareness of Your Brand Internally

 President’s Club/Incentive Travel

President's Club Invite Example

What is it? A President’s Club event rewards top performers within an organization the opportunity to take part in a trip of a lifetime.  These incentive trips bring the wow factor! Sometimes this is a trip strictly to celebrate and relax, other times this is an opportunity for winners to talk strategy and best practices with the executives of their organization.

Incentive Trip Itinerary Example

Benefits:  Are you wanting to engage and motivate your employees? Do you desire to attract and retain staff?  Is your goal to recognize your top performers? Then incentive travel or a President’s Club might just be your ticket. Even studies suggest that incentive travel proves to be an effective way to engage employees. By investing in your top employees, they are happier, more productive, and loyal to your company. In fact, in reference to a recent article by, studies not only support increased productivity and sales, brand recognition and larger profits but also team bonding and company loyalty.

How an event planner can help: Depending upon your goals, budget, and desires for the incentive trip, MTA’s proposals team sources the most unique locations and properties for a memorable trip for your team all within your budget. A President’s Club event is a perfect example of where we at MTA can sweat the small stuff so our client can put their focus where needed.

Investing in your internal team can yield a greater ROI for your company. Contact us today to find out how you can increase your brand awareness and brand loyalty among your internal team whether through incentive travel, a global sales meeting, a product launch or any other types of events.