Powerful Technology Tools to Boost Your Events

Boost your event with these powerful tech tools.

Chris Scott

It is crucial to think about your training and event needs in a holistic way and to utilize all of the tools at your disposal to make the greatest impact on your attendees’ comprehension of the data and to get the most out of your training budgets.

As event solutions experts, we are all constantly in search of amazing ideas and tools to up the engagement levels for our attendees.  We have some clever and powerful technology tools to add some pop and sizzle to your face-to-face events:

  • Bird  – It is a wearable presentation tool à la the movie Minority Report, that turns any surface (e.g. wall or table) into an interactive touch screen, giving presenters tons of options to make presentations more engaging and compelling.
  • Hologram –  Yes, the future is here, and the cost and complexity of this technology have come down from the stratosphere to terra firma. We are getting a lot of client feedback and interest in this novel way to bring remote presenters into the room in an exciting way.  Look for the magic at one of your upcoming events or reach out to us for more information!

We are also very keen on using other tools to supplement the face-to-face event such as:

  • Virtual Events – Deploy for other training needs like amendments and updates which may not require the time commitment and financial outlay of bringing folks to a physical location.  The adoption of this technology is now, fully global and many of our clients are maximizing reach, flexibility, and cost savings by using virtual events to continue training.
  • VALTs Virtual Assessment, Learning & Training Source –  Use in creative ways to get folks trained before they get onsite to focus or shorten the agenda, allowing more targeted discussion and time together face-to-face.  In addition, we can deploy this training method to continue, replicate, and refresh previous training for new staff in perpetuity.

At Miller Tanner Associates, we never stop looking for ways to make your event impactful and meaningful, so your attendees can experience excellence! Contact us today for help with your next event or meeting


Chris Scott
Director, Media and Production