Success Story


New Product Launch

Branded gifting for new sales team

The Event

  • Welcome the new team to a company they would be representing.
  • Excite and educate a new sales team on a brand-new product.

The Challenge

  • Creating a unique gift for the team that felt new and fresh.
  • Crafting a gifting experience where attendees leave with gifts they cherish.

The Results

  • Building ‘The Shop’ for all attendees to fill their shopping bag with items of their choice — a great way to introduce multiple branded items for the new Sales Team to take out on the road with them after the event.
  • Adding new gifts to The Shop each day at different times, keeping the experience fresh and popular throughout the event.
  • Attendees running to The Shop after sessions to check out refreshed items.
  • Keeping this experience within budget by including all levels/prices of gifts —from branded pens and notebooks to portable speakers and noise-cancelling headphones.
  • Bestowing attendees with branded gifts they cherished because they had the gift of choice.
  • product_1@2x
  • product_2@2x
  • product_3@2x
  • product_4@2x
  • product_5@2x
  • product_6@2x
  • shop_1@2x
  • shop_2@2x
  • shop_3@2x

How do attendees leave with gifts they cherish?

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