Hybrid Events: The Best of Both Virtual and Face-to-Face

Hybrid Events: Two Audiences, One Experience

But we’ve also learned that humans are designed for connection and people miss being face-to-face. In general, in-person events are the preferred format to fully engage with others and with the content that’s being delivered. 

As regions of the world begin to reopen, companies are exploring how they might extend and further engage their audience in the future considering the juxtaposition of these distinct meeting formats.   

Given the unpredictable nature of these times, there must be a safe, effective, yet flexible way to accommodate for the unexpected – abrupt changes in the lives of speakers and/or audiences such as illness, childcare, travel restriction, and community outbreaks. While at the same time, the future also needs to include space for when the purpose of gathering requires a face-to-face meeting experience. 

Enter the hybrid event model.

Hybrid events present the unique opportunity to bring together two distinctly different audiences — virtual and face-to-face (in person)— for a single dynamic experience.  

Hybrids of the past were primarily about delivering the content that the attendees were missing in person; now it’s about offering an equal experience for both audiences. Hybrid events are not a substitution for the face-to-face portion of the event, but rather are the event itself in a new, multi-dimensional format. It’s about creating a universal, captivating experience for both audiences. 

Hybrid Events – A Multi-Dimensional Experience

In Miller Tanner Associates’ (MTA) 15 + years of planning hybrid and virtual solutions, we’ve discovered the configurations of a hybrid event are practically limitless. That’s its superpower! 

You can:

  • Bring speakers together in the same venue to deliver their messaging live to a remote audience.
  • Design your event around small groups of audiences in various cities across the globe to interact with one another virtually while presenters are streamed remotely.
  • Plan a face-to-face event with a hybrid event in tandem. Should your plan change unexpectedly, your event can still carry on virtually.
  • Prerecord presenters that are unable to travel enabling their message to still be delivered to an in-person event.

Hybrid events are the next event format trend offering a new innovative event approach to reach both remote and live audiences.  

Want to explore beyond the basic hybrid event? Contact our team to learn more.