Meet MTA: Julie Hagan, Senior Global Experience Manager

The Miller Tanner difference is our people. That’s why we want to introduce you to our team of superstars that bring our corporate meetings and events to life for our clients. Today we introduce you to Senior Global Experience Manager Julie Hagan. With her extensive background in managing a variety of event types, along with her invaluable sense of humor, Julie makes event planning look like a walk in the park; however, behind the scenes, she is skillfully arranging each event’s staffing needs like a pro.

Meet Julie Hagan

Tell us about your current role with Miller Tanner Associates (MTA)? What are your primary responsibilities?  

As a senior global experience manager, I work with an incredible team of global experience designers and specialists. One of my primary responsibilities is assigning our team members to our client meetings – both for face-to-face and virtual programs. Staffing is all about aligning our experienced planners with clients to create seamless experiences.

How long have you been with MTA? I have had the pleasure of working at MTA for the past 15 years.

What did you do before joining  MTA?  

The majority of work I did before joining MTA was in the non-profit sector. I had the opportunity to plan everything from incentive trips and advisory board meetings to international conventions and leadership trainings.

What’s the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is working alongside the amazing Miller Tanner Associates team members. We truly have the best humans on our team hands down.

What’s been your favorite event destination as an event planning professional?  

Top favorites on my list for event destinations are Barcelona, Budapest, Berlin, Cape Town, Melbourne, and San Francisco!

Julie in Athens

What’s been your most memorable destination to date and why?

Athens, Greece was always on my bucket list and I’m so lucky that I was able to plan a meeting there.  Being able to say I’ve touched the Parthenon is pretty cool.  I never dreamed my job would create that opportunity, but it did!

Do you have a few great travel tips that you could share?

Dress comfortably, pack light and always carry an extra toothbrush. 

What do you do for fun?

I love sports! I enjoy watching my Ole Miss Rebels, Tennessee Titans, and Nashville Predators. As of recent, I’ve even been seen clapping a time or two for my husband’s Georgia Bulldogs (shhh!).

What do you enjoy most about living in Tennessee?

I’m originally from a small town north of Nashville. I grew up in the same house where my great grandparents first lived. My parents still live in the same house and although the Barbie dolls and Def Leppard posters are gone, my room is always waiting for me when I go back.

I currently reside in Nashville and have to say, it is the best “small town, big city”.  It’s known as Music City USA, Nashvegas, The Athens of the South, and Smashville – but I just call it HOME. I love it!

What’s your favorite aspect of MTA?

Our annual face-to-face MTA Workshop is my favorite. Once a year, our company has the chance to gather together to train, learn, and strengthen our professional skills. The outstanding spur-of-the-moment dance parties are pretty fun too. It has been awesome to watch our team grow year after year.

What makes Miller Tanner Associates stand out as a meeting planning company?

We are made up of a collective group of outstanding people that truly care about the experiences we create for our clients. At MTA there is always a time to foster learning, share a smile, and make an impact.